Some theories that I agree with.


My theory is that the loom isn't stationary. Time does not pass through the loom. The timeline is stationary and the loom is moving. The loom is traveling over the timeline weaving it into a single rope. So while the loom appears to be moving "forward" over the timeline, it appears as though the timeline is "moving" backwards through the timeline.

Location of TVA and Loom

I think the TVA is outside of time, which is why you can see the timeline from the TVA.the TVA doesn't exist within time. I think the TVA exists with and moves with the loom.HWR also exists beyond time, but beyond the end of time. Whereas the TVA exists outside of time but by the timeline, HWR's palace is completely beyond it. So I think HWR's palace is just so far from it you can't see it.

I don't think the timeline "re-branches". I think it only "de branches" after it leaves the loom. But remember, time passes in reverse through the loom. So the time line is basically being fed backwards into the loom.

Kinda like in coordinate geometry a circle with radius 100(assume)HWR is at (0,0) and the Loom and TVA moving along the Line x^2+y^2=100^2.

The timeline and Loom

To add to that at the end of S02E06

The multiverse is an open ended structure(no loops).But the sacred timeline is in a loop(sort of [ I am goinng with Inverse Mobius Strip]) .

And I think Victor also said "We can shape time".

We also don't know the properties of timeline and how the temporal Loom actually works.

I think at the end of multiversal war after pruning all other branches , HWR changed the properties of the timeline so that the Loom can act as a failsafe.


At the end of S02E06 we find that Loki has taken the throne in the space outside of time.

Since TVA and Loki's Throne both exists in the same space (Outside of time)[though at different position in that space ].They are connected to the same Time axis as mentioned in Loki S02E01 completely different.(Lets say it OTA)

The Timeline was earlier in a loop (Inverse Mobius Strip) and now its an open ended structure.The growth rate of the main MCU Timeline is same as the passage of time in Space outside of time.My theory is that someone(call Person A) from the Main MCU Timeline will go to help Loki.(Loki will stop the flow of time in both areas.)

Loki, and Person A will go back in OTA , gets info from HWR about how to keep the Multiverse alive without Loki constantly powering through it .

Then they come back to the current Time,After Loki is freed, he will prepare for the battle with Kang for the Survival of Multiverse.(Kinda like Spectre from DC who was tasked with protection of Multiverse).I know its a wild theory , but I don't see anything wrong with this theory .

The multiverse structure was altered by someone (possibly Beyonder) so that the Temporal Loom could be installed .(I don’t see it any other way)(maybe temporal Loom was made with the help from Beyonder)If that is the case then there exists a method by which the multiverse can survive without Loki being a critical power source of it.

Temporal Loom location
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Question about the multiverse and possibly Loki at the end of Loki s02e06
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About that Temporal Loom and how it works.
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Loki S2 – The Temporal Loom finally clarifies how the Sacred Timeline works and how the loop restarts after the Void:
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