Spider-Man 4 villain and plot wild guesses, let’s outline a story by grabbing at straws!

Ok, so we left Spider-man reduced to basics, alone, in a world that has forgotten Peter Parker. Spider-Man was last seen in the middle of unexplained disasters across the city that left at least one woman dead, buildings damaged, ending with a big hullabaloo damaging the statue of Liberty, some crazy sky phenomena, and then inexplicably things went back to normal.

In context of related larger MCU events, we know Daredevil is back in NYC, Kingpin too, Kate Bishop donned the purple. Kingpin is expected to take back power in the criminal landscape, and rumor says he's going to become mayor. World governments are distrustful and the US has been collecting advanced tech with an eye on controlling more. Alien shapeshifters were revealed to exist and also to have replaced people and conspired against mankind. Captain America scolds everyone to do better.

We can expect events of Daredevil Born Again to flesh out the changing NYC and bring us up to speed on some Daredevil allies and enemies in a NYC that has lost its Avengers. Deadpool 3 is also expected to impact the MCU with multiversal hyjinks.

So, let's start with guessing the villain's motivations. Fisk wants to take power back, and take revenge on those who have opposed him. Daredevil, Kate Bishop, Hawkeye/Ronin for starters.

Our hero Peter wants to settle in to his new humble and isolated life having sacrificed his closest relationships to protect those he cares about. From afar he may see Zendaya hanging out with Timothy Chalamet realizing those he cares about may no longer care for him.

His obvious obstacle will be dealing with loneliness, identity struggles as nobody truly knows him anymore but the world knows Spider-Man, who is constantly slandered by the public. His lesson to learn will likely be about navel gazing and staying true to himself and his heroic purpose. He'll be down, he'll make a mistake and lose public support for Spider-Man, he may gain a bad influence in the form of an alien symbiote. He may have a brush with becoming a villain to find his way back to heroism.

So I'd put Peter struggling but doing his thing, some run-ins and circumstantial team-ups with Daredevil fighting thugs, maybe some friendly mentoring at a distance with no real names. Footage of Super Skrull Giah's powers becomes public making all heroes suspected Skrulls. Fisk aligns with the president and the anti-Skrull policy, calling for masked vigilantes to turn themselves in to prove their human identity, and if cleared to serve the government hunting Skrulls and uncooperative vigilantes. This puts Fisk's enemies on the run, allowing Fisk to claim jailed baddies were framed by Skrull fugitives, pulling named prisoners from the Raft to make his own Thunderbolts units to do his bidding.

Not a bad start, lots of potential for extra heroes and villains to join in, especially if the multiverse gets weirder with projects leading up to this.

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