Spiderman4 Pitch: The Death of Jean Dewolff/Sin-Eater

Why it's perfect.

  • Grounded story.
  • Villian never seen on screen.
  • Introduces other street level characters.
  • Introduces the black suit right before Secret Wars.

Title: Spiderman: Web of Sins

Setting: Snowing NYC


Sin-Eater was an ex-SHIELD employee that partook in experiments with the super soldier serum, but this resulted in loss of his sanity which led to his resigning as an agent of SHIELD where he went on to become a questionable detective working with the NYCPD. Sin-Eater sees himself as a misunderstood hero who is obsessed with killing every last sinner in his righteous city which will hopefully make the remaining criminals of New York rethink their unlawful behavior. Sin-Eater was once best friends with Quentin Beck aka Mysterio and became overcame with bloodlust after finding out his best friend was killed by Spiderman leading to his hunt after the masked vigilante.


Sin-Eater bribes The Punisher to kill Spiderman who also sees the not so friendly neighborhood spider as a criminal which Frank Castle agrees to, but that plan inevitably fails since Castle is no match for Spiderman. After plan A fails Sin-Eater opts for plan B and hunts down Spiderman himself, Sin-Eater uses his detective skills to decipher that Spiderman works at the Daily Bugle and gets hired there as an undercover employee. Spiderman must work alongside Sin-Eater without blowing his cover, making this more than a battle of strength but a battle of wits while also getting the help of an unexpected ally to solve the mystery of who this enemy is, Daredevil. While working under the Daily Bugle Sin-Eater continues to commit awful atrocities such as murdering police chief Jean Dewolff for saving a criminal's life, assassinating a judge that abolished the death sentence and killing some of Spidey's rogues such as Vulture and Shocker out of cold blood as a statement towards Spiderman sparing the lives of all of these villains while ironically depriving mercy of Mysterio a goodhearted hero fighting for justice.


Sin-Eater is almost completely certain that Spiderman is none other than Peter Parker and gets revenge on the hero by killing his new love interest Betty Brant which Spiderman and Daredevil must stop. It is later revealed that this was all a trap since Sin-Eater would never kill an innocent bystander even if they are related to someone who he despises, Sin-Eater has Spiderman right where he wants him and shoots Spidey with a rifle, then revealing his identity to Spiderman as Stanely Carter before he passes and burying him. After Spiderman's death a withered man lumbers over to his burial before collapsing and the symbiote excretes from him leaking into Spidey's grave and resurrecting him with the black suit. Spiderman goes onto test out his newfound powers before tracking Stanely down and beating him to the point of becoming absolutely crippled then proceeding to get help from Matt Murdock to give him a life sentence in Ravencroft Institute, but he is deemed mentally unwell and thus cannot face criminal charges so he is left as a reoccurring villain that could show up again down the line.

End Credits:

Spiderman is encountered by a team of heroes known as the Time Variant Avengers which is made up of Reynolds Deadpool, Jackman Wolverine, Maguire Spiderman, Wesley Blade and Cage Ghostrider. This team informs Holland's Spiderman that the multiverse is at stake, and they need his help to save it.

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