Steve and Peggy’s life on the branch timeline.

I am both a hopeless romantic and team Steggy all the way, so the recent events of what if just made me want to throw my dinner at the TV. Also the events of Loki made me revisit what Cap and Peggy's life on the new branch timeline goes without them getting caught by the TVA.

The way I like to imagine it.

  • Steve arrives in 1949 because his initial plan is to live in that timeline and lay low, intending not to do anything in that timeline, but wants to be with Peggy as she is getting shield up and running.
  • He explains time travel to her, but keeps one lie. That being in your past, makes the version of you from that time disappear because two versions of you can't coexist. He also has no issue talking about his "future" life, but asks to never speak about the events of endgame, saying that because it involves time travel, he doesn't know how knowing those events will affect her. It's really just so he can keep the lie.
  • Peggy gets with him but in the back of her mind is counting on his sense of justice to kick in eventually.

  • Doesn't take too long for Steve to realise he can't live without doing something about what he sees in the world, especially with his knowledge of world events.

  • He helps peggy run shield under a secret identity, gets plastic surgery, steve being alive becomes an urban myth. In this Narrative, Peggy is the hero, and Steve is like her… Oracle.

  • Steve and Peggy get married, have kids.

  • Steve rescues bucky, helps Peggy stop MLK and JFKs assassinations, makes watergate never happen, gets shield to destroy the tesseract in the 70s.

  • All of this happens while the events of Loki go down, allowing for the timelines to go wild.

  • Steve personally mentors Nick Fury in the 80s and as he sees peggy age, has a "bicentennial man" moment and gets Howard to develop a way to undo the serum so he can age with peggy.

  • Howard and Maria Stark still die in 1991 (absolute point in time), but at this point Steve has been a positive influence on Tony's life. Tony still becomes Iron man, but pays homage to steve by choosing to be the Iron patriot.

  • Steve's knowledge of the future helps sometimes and doesn't help some other times particularly with deaths because of the absolute point in time rules. He just accepts that he can't win them all. Nonetheless, this world and particularly America is a much better place in comparison to the one he left.

  • in 2010, Peggy's dementia starts to kick in, which is when Steve begins his handover. Has a new shield made for Sam.

  • 2016, Peggy dies and Steve has a package for Nick Fury marked "Only view after Peggy passes". Steve has a confession video and the coordinates to that timeline's Steve to be found in the ice.

  • Steve kept that one Pym particle to travel back to main timeline for the last scene in endgame, dies an anonymous old man soon after.

And somehow if this could all be condensed into a montage with Frank Sintatra's rendition of "The way you look tonight" as the soundtrack, that would be a sweet contrast to the end of Agent Carter season 1, since Bing and Dixie Lee Crosby's rendition of the same song was used for Peggy to say goodbye to Steve, this one says hello to a different life with him.

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