The Marvels mid-credit scene: where are we? (Spoilers for MoM and The Marvels)

So, Monica wakes up in a universe where her mom is Binary, the second identity for Ms. Marvel, and the X-men are a thing.

Charles is alive, so it's unlikely it's the Illuminati universe Strange visited. But then again we don't see the Professor (he could have moved his mind to a new body), and perhaps the interaction with the Scarlett Witch's hex (and death at her hands) caused that captain Marvel to become Binary. The loss of the Illuminati would also explain why Beast is handling what would be a Reed or Bruce kinda thing like unknown superhuman.

Or, this could be some riff on the X-men universe. Perhaps in this world her Mom has an X-gene and became Binary. So Monica would be one of the rare empowered humans this universe would see.

Or, it could be more like the comics universe, where X-men, Avengers and FF all live and work together to save Earth's people.

Got a favorite theory? Heard something in an interview that points to other options? Share with the class.

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