The Multiverse

Here’s how I classify the multiverse and how it works in MARVEL’s Cinematic Universes. To start, I’ll go over terminology.

The Multiverse is a term used to describe a series of infinite parallel universes stacked on top of one another. These universes each have people that are spiritually congruent to one another, known as Variants. They can alter in shape, size, species, and other qualities but remain a variant of the same individual.

A universe is a fabricated thread made up of the qualities of space-time and laws of physics. They consist of multiple galaxies and timelines of different situations and possibilities within that specific universe.
(Example: 616, 838)

Timelines are strands of realities and possibilities. They follow a direct flow of time, and can practically be infinite. When an event occurs that can affect other events in the future, a new branch timeline is created, branching off of the timeline at the moment the event occurred.
(Example: Sacred Timeline, Branched Timelines)

Dimensions, also known as Realms, not to be confused with Asgardian Realms, are planes of existence that have their own laws of physics and other defining qualities. Some dimensions can be accessed from anywhere in the multiverse, and exist outside of spacetime, but some other dimensions can only be accessed from specific points in the multiverse.
(Example: Quantum Realm, Dark Dimension, Ta Lo)

Multiversal Travel
In order for something or someone to travel from one universe to another, branches of those universes must connect and “knot” together, allowing for those two timelines to interconnect. When this happens, something/someone from one universe can travel through those branches and from one universe to another. The other way to travel through the Multiverse is to go into a dimension that can be accessed from any point in the Multiverse, and somehow exit that dimension into another point in the Multiverse.

Those are the basic terms I’ll be using, so now, let’s get into the breakdown.

After the end of the first Multiversal War, Nathaniel Richards (He Who Remains), who was a scientist, found a way to use heightened technology and science to isolate every Timeline of Universe 616 where a variant of him is never born into one singular “Sacred Timeline”. He also created the Time Variance Authority in order to prevent the Sacred Timeline from branching and connecting to other universes, so no variants of himself can enter 616’s sacred timeline.

Meanwhile, also at the end of the Multiversal War, all the other variants of Kang decided to banish one of their variants (Kang the Conqueror) to the Quantum Realm.

After The Avengers traveled through the Quantum Realm and back to another point in The Sacred Timeline, they ended up causing another branch timeline to be former when Loki Laufeyson took the Tesseract. He was then taken away to the TVA while that branch timeline was prune, and this leads to the events of Loki.

At the end of Loki Season 1, Sylvie (Loki Variant L1190) ended up killing He Who Remains. This led to the Sacred Timeline no longer being properly preserved, and many branches began to rapidly form without being pruned. These branches then interconnected with other branches from other Universes, and allowed for multiversal travel.

This is how Multiversal Travel occurred in No Way Home, Multiverse of Madness, The Marvels, etc. At the end of Loki Season 2, Loki held the bottom of the universe together while the top continued to branch out like a tree. This stabilized the Sacred Timeline, but allowed the Branches to continue pairing and Multiversal Travel was still possible.

So, basically;

Outside of space time there is multiple universes that are connected by dimensions such as the Quantum Realm. These universes have timelines that branch and connect with other universes to allow direct multiversal travel. The Sacred Timeline is different timelines of universe 616 where variants of Kang are never born that are threaded together by the TVA. When He Who Remains was murdered, branches rapidly formed and grew and merged with other universes and their timelines, therefore allowing multiversal travel to happen.

Here are a few diagrams I made. The large line is Universe 616 (Also known as the Sacred Timeline), while the smaller lines are interconnected other universes. The even smaller lines in between the universes are the timelines that are branching and merging with others, and if a universe has a green line, it means it has a Kang variant. #1 is before Loki, #2 is after.

Thanks for the read, folks! Hope this helps as a good reference.

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