The only thing that is way much worse than being a Spider-Man…

Here's what I pitch for a dialogue that is needed to be said by Miles Morales for Spider-Man III: Beyond the Spider Verse to this (I hope it's a brand new villain, which would be a surprise for the MCU Multiverse Saga fans): “The only thing that is way much worse than being a Spider-Man, is to be you… Spider-Kang!” I hope it ends with Spider-Kang dies at the hands of not only the Madame Web (live action), but also at the hands of Miles Morales' Spidey squads. Which then I hope it leads into Avengers V: The Kang Dynasty with Immortus somehow tells both Rama-tut & Scarlet Centurion that their Inheritor Spider-Man variant is dead & Loki is taking over the entire Multiverse timeline altogether, & they need to be thinking how to kill the entire Avengers from Earth-616/199999 altogether. And then here we go with Kamala Kang (apparently this is a Kamala Khan variant who somehow goes evil & using both Quantum bangles to take over the multiverse) suggesting them to attack Loki at first, then attack Doctor Strange from Earth-616/199999 next. That'll serve as a warning for not only the Avengers, but also the likes of the Eternals, Guardians of the Galaxy, Midnight Sons & X-Men as well.

Your thoughts about this idea?

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