The things that I found really interesting regarding the MCU Spider-Man.

Another thing that I found really interesting about the MCU Spider-Man is this:
– They really made Ned Leeds' character & personality in the MCU, being the combination of Ganke Lee & Ned Leeds in the comics, & having him being an Asian.
– They made Zendaya's role as MJ being totally different than how MJ really looks like in the comics. In fact, they made her full name as Michelle Jones Watson & her skin is totally different than how MJ is supposed to be in the comics.
– Also they made Flash Thompson being a cool rich bully to Peter Parker. That's kinda interesting. And even having Betty Brant dating Ned Leeds was kinda made me curious to see the Spider-Man comics. Because I admit, not really a Marvel Comics reader since it's kinda expensive & totally rare to find here in Indonesia. In fact, I even got online in Reddit using a VPN. Since my country is kinda banning the access of this app due to how easier for this app to access the 18+ contents.

The question is: Do you think they might have the MCU Spider-Man to work possibly in Bulletin New York (the place back when Karen Page used to work in Daredevil Season 2 & 3, & The Defenders) for the next MCU Spider-Man trilogy? You know, to make him way totally different than how Peter Parker is supposed to be not only in the comics, but also make him way more different than the previous Spider-Man live action movies back when Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield were the main characters. Because I'm totally sick & tired of seeing Peter Parker being always working in Daily Bugle not only in the comics, but also in the Spidey movies of Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield. It's kinda boring, I should say. Besides, I just wanna see our MCU Spidey to continue the legacy that was done by the late Ben Urich & the former employee Karen Page in Bulletin New York, just to make Daily Bugle kinda pissed off & envious towards the news made by Bulletin New York. Don't you think?

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