The time heist makes literally no sense.

Specifically the New York heist (but it applies to ALL time travel in Endgame).

So, Loki escapes with the Tesseract (WHICH WE HAVE NEVER BEEN TOLD CAN TRAVEL BETWEEN UNIVERSES) and he ends up taken by the TVA and that branch is pruned. So, in reality, shouldn't the entire time heist / 616 timeline have been pruned? Would this not mean that, not only is the New York 2012 time heist pruned, including the 2023 versions of Cap, Tony, Bruce and Scott, but wouldn't that also pass over to the 2014 timeline, the 1970 timeline, the 2013 timeline AND the 2023 main timeline? Think about it.

The sacred timeline had been disrupted by Loki's escape, this is told to us in Loki Season 1. This also means that, as I said, the whole 2012 time heist would have been pruned, and they'd have been sent to the Void before ever getting all the stones and leaving? This would also apply to the 2023 timeline, seeing as if those 4, and the 3 infinity stones they were collecting didn't return, they couldn't undo the snap, also causing THAT timeline to be pruned as a result, seeing as they cannot have a redo, because by returning, the Pym particles are all used up, and more can't be collected.

This isn't even mentioning that if Cap and Tony were pruned along with the 2012 timeline, the 1970 heist wouldn't have occurred and more Pym particles wouldn't have been collected. This also leads into my next point.

When Cap returned the stones, did Pym make more when he blipped back and gave them to him to take to 1970? He returned Mjolnir, why not the particles? When Cap returned the 2 stones taken from New York, Hydra now assume he's been corrupted and works for them now, screwing up that somehow still existing timeline even further. This also means that Loki was never there for anything post-Battle of New York. When returning the Power Stone, Quill was knocked out, would this not also affect THAT timeline which should have been pruned anyway due to Thanos time travelling? Also, how did Thanos time travel without the TVA showing up anyway? It makes no sense. When going back to live in the 40s with Peggy, why was THAT timeline not pruned? He shouldn't be there if the 2012, 2023, 1970, AND 2014 timelines should have been pruned, so why isn't that one?!?!?!

It seems to me that Marvel hadn't thought it through very clearly, and the only explanation I could see somewhat protecting this is that they hadn't thought of the TVA by the time Endgame released. It just really confuses and annoys me. I want to know what other people think.

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