The TVA is not outside of time

Time works the same way in the TVA as on the Sacred Timeline. When one second goes by in the Sacred Timeline, one second goes by in the TVA.

The Sacred Timeline moves in a circle, revolving around the Citadel at the End of Time. Let's say it takes 1 trillion years for the revolution to complete. In 1 trillion years, a point on the Sacred Timeline will go from the beginning of time to the end of time, then a new iteration of the universe will begin on the Sacred Timeline. During this period, 1 trillion years also go by in the TVA.

When TVA agents telepad onto the Sacred Timeline, they are gone from the TVA for the same length of time they are on the Sacred Timeline. This is shown in Season 2, Episode 3, when Hunter B-15 talks to Mobius while Mobius is on a branch timeline (time moves at the same pace on the branches, Sacred Timeline, and in the TVA).

The reason the TVA can telepad to any point in time is that there are infinite iterations of the universe stacked sequentially along the Sacred Timeline, each one following the path HWR has ordained. At each point on the Sacred Timeline, the universe will be identical, so TVA agents can telepad to that point over and over.

What appears to be time to people on the Sacred Timeline are really just coordinates on the Sacred Timeline. Real time would be measured by how many cycles the Sacred Timeline has gone through since the creation of the TVA.

EDIT: What I'm saying is that for the TVA, watching a timeline is like us watching a movie, only the TVA has the entire film reel spread out out before them, so they can "superimpose" their agents onto it at any point. The movie plays for the TVA in real time – one second goes by for the characters in the movie, and one second goes by in the TVA.

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