The TVA uses The Void to prune variants and Oblivion rules The Void in the comics, maybe he could become a looming threat in Secret Wars?


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Oblivion is the god of nothingness, and the Void is the dimension at the end of time where things cease to exist, what if the TVA unintentionally gave Oblivion a chance to slip into reality by pruning variants?

Chaos King)

Amatsu-Mikaboshi otherwise known as the Chaos King is the avatar of Oblivion, so maybe we could see Chaos become one of the big-bads in Secret Wars, or at the very least as another cosmic threat encountered by Dr. Strange in one his multiversal adventures similar to Doormaamu.

"The branched timeline isn't reset. It's transferred."
"To where?"
"A void at the end of time. Where every instance of existence collides at the same point and simply stops."

-Ravonna and Sylvie

You have come to The One who embodies non-existence. You have come to…OBLIVION. Before the multiverse was…I was. At the end of all things…I wait. I am the void…the breath between life and death…between death and rebirth. Between heaven–and hell. -Oblivion

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