Theory Deadpool and Wolverine : What if Logan knew ?

This is more like an idea I would like to see than a actual theory but I think this would be a good ending for Logan's charracter in the end, so hear me out:

In "Loki" we meet Ouroboros and Mobius , both characters representing two concept of time travel, more precisely two sorts of time loop, present and introduced in the story. And we know that Paradoxe is a new TVA character introduced in "Deadpool and Wolverine".

[SPOILER] We also know that older x23 should be in the film and we could see what looks like the forest from the end of "Logan".

So what if this new TVA agent is here to introduce the concept of time paradoxe as well ?

Here's my idea of how the time paradoxe could look like :

Deadpool and wolverine travel to the "Logan" timeline, many years after the death of future Logan, to show him he actually died as a hero, and allow him to see what happened after his death thanks to him: A better world where a new generation of mutant live in peace and where he meets an older x23, in good shape, who recognizes him but understand he's from the past, doesn't know her yet and is not staying.

At the end of the story, Wolverine is sent back in his timeline. He doesn't know when and how exactly his death will happen, but once he sees it coming, one of the reason he is at peace with it at the end of Logan, is that he knows his sacrifice will lead to better times where x23 and other mutants are safe and happy. She doesn't know it yet but she will see him again. It's the paradoxe.

What do you think ? I know it slightly rewrites "Logan" since it's never mentioned that he knows about his future death obviously, but the movie could still work without it being mentioned. The only thing that actually changes is that he saw the future of his universe, which would add more depth to the end of "Logan" and would give a good reason for this new story to exist for the character.

So I would like to know your opinion about this !

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