Theory for the next batch of MCU Spider-Man projects

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So, I made another post on another sub (ECHO SPOILERS WITHIN) regarding how Kingpin should be seen as the Disney+ version of Thanos with the street level heroes, with the Devil's Reign arc being the overarching plot of the Disney+ series.

NOTE: Condensed due to 40,000 character limit


Spider-Man 4: Devil's Web:

  • Peter has been operating as Street-Level Spider-Man for around a year at this point.
  • Peter has started a course in bio-physics at ESU
  • Peter Parker has become a recluse, distancing himself from others and choosing to not get particularly close to anyone. When he's on patrol, he is definitely a more friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.
  • We see how the Kingpin's law on banning Vigilantes is affecting his job as Spider-Man, making it difficult for him to save people when he's getting pursued by police.
  • Kingpin decides to enlist the help of Mac Gargan to assist with bringing down Spider-Man. He uses Jameson as a cover, offering to donate funds to the Daily Bugle if Jameson signs a form in where Jonah is the one who enlisted Gargan, not the Kingpin. The experimentation goes wrong and thus the Scorpion is born.
  • Scorpion tracks down Spider-Man and in a fight, ends up poisoning Spider-Man. He's left for dead and soon found by Daredevil, who takes him to Claire Temple, aka The Night Nurse, and is looked after by her.
  • In his visions brought on by Scorpion's poison, Peter sees the traumatic events of his past. He sees the death of Aunt May, he sees MJ and Ned fading into nothing, along with Happy. And it's here that we finally see Uncle Ben and the circumstances that led to his death/absence in the MCU.
  • Spider-Man comes to as Daredevil asks for his help to take down the Kingpin. As Spider-Man was once an Avenger, it would be a big deal if he publicly stood against the Kingpin with the other heroes of NYC.
  • Peter refuses, saying that he needs to stop Scorpion before anything bad happens. Daredevil asks him how he plans to counter the poison, to which Peter asks if Claire took samples from where he was injured by Gargan.
  • Using the labs at ESU, Peter is able to analyze the poison and create an antidote to it's effects. He runs into an attractive girl who helps him sneak into the lab to help. When asked what this was for, he tells her that he's helping a hero out. She seems interested by this, especially when he mentions that it's Spider-Man.
  • He tracks down the Scorpion and uses the antidote to counter his poison, successfully bringing him down. He interrogates him before the police arrive, revealing that Jonah was the one who signed his papers to be experimented on.
  • Spider-Man tracks down Jonah and while questioning him, remembers how Jonah exposed his identity to the world and how he kept attacking Peter over his role as Spider-Man. It makes him angry and he lashes out at Jonah.
  • Daredevil comes in to stop Peter from hurting Jonah, using his hearing to determine that Jonah is lying about having sent the Scorpion to hunt down Peter. They interrogate Jonah and find out that it was the Kingpin who organized Mac Gargan becoming the Scorpion.
  • Peter immediately sets off to find the Kingpin, Daredevil telling him to not rush into things. Kingpin is the mayor, they need to take him down the right way. However, Peter refuses to let the Kingpin get away with this. He remembers Quentin Beck and the Vulture, people who he let take advantage of him, and he won't let history repeat itself.
  • Peter tracks down the Kingpin and proceeds to attack him in his office. Taskmaster and US Agent are there to defend the Kingpin, but Peter dispatches them easily. However just as he's about to attack the Kingpin, he disappears. The Kingpin is visibly confused, unsure of what just happened.
  • Peter looks around to see himself in a strange new world, which isn't NYC. He can see other heroes appearing around him, as well as villains… With the Beyonders looking down at them all.
  • MID-CREDITS SCENE – The Symbiote left behind from Tom Hardy is seen slithering towards the prison cell where Mac Gargan is being held…
  • END CREDITS SCENE – Daredevil hearing that Spider-Man has disappeared, deciding to get the Defenders together one more time to take down the Kingpin.


Avengers: Secret Wars:

Disclaimer: Only talking about Peter and other people who are directly related to Spider-Man in the movie.

  • Peter is on Battleworld with the other heroes and is forced to fight against the villains who have appeared as well. Brief team-ups with the Fantastic Four and various other Marvel characters throughout the movie.
  • He encounters Tom Hardy's Venom who fights against him. Peter gets his ass handed to him with his suit getting absolutely wrecked in the fight. A piece of the Symbiote breaks off from Venom and latches itself onto Peter, as the pair's battle gets interrupted by another set of fighters.
  • Peter looks down as his suit starts to repair itself, turning from the blue and red into black and white. He's attacked by another villain, but easily dispatches of them. He's amazed by how much stronger he's become with this new suit.
  • Tom Holland's Peter teams up with Andrew's Peter to take down a couple of villains, Andrew's Peter amazed by the new suit that Tom's Peter has. Tom's Peter tells him that his suit just started repairing itself and that he has no idea how it works, but he needs it for now so he'll roll with it.
  • We see the Symbiote move and act in a way that Peter's suit did with the Iron Spider Suit, such as creating tendrils to lash out like the Spider Arms did, etc.
  • End of the movie, Peter is sent back to NYC with the Symbiote.


Spider-Man: Dark Web (Disney Plus Series – 10 – 15 episodes):

  • Peter is back in NYC and learns that the Kingpin has been dethroned as Mayor of New York. Luke Cage is now the mayor and the law on heroes has been removed.
  • Peter continues to operate as a hero while studying for his diploma in bio-physics. The attractive girl from Spider-Man 4: Devil's Web is still at ESU and takes a couple of classes with him. He begins to feel a sense of attraction to her, however doesn't pursue it out of guilt for MJ.
  • Martin Li is introduced as a high-end investor who is initially worked with May in creating FEAST and making it a service that should be available across the city. He continues to keep the service going after Peter and some students rally up support to keep the service open for those who need it.
  • Peter introduces himself to Martin, telling him that he's May's nephew. When Martin tells him that May never mentioned having a nephew, he lies and says that they weren't particularly close. But with May no longer being here, he wanted to help out at FEAST as a way to atone for that. Martin accepts Peter's help, offering to give him a small wage to help him with rent and bills.
  • Black Cat is also introduced as a thief contracted by the Kingpin via the Maggia to help steal some valuable items that will help fund their organisation. Peter runs into her during one of their patrols and the pair spar. Peter easily over-powers her and it's revealed that she's the attractive girl from his classes, with him calling her Felicia.
  • She quickly deduces that Spider-Man is Peter and the two engage in a verbal spar over the others' actions… Before they both grab each other and kiss. She tells him that she doesn't have a choice but to work for the Maggia, otherwise they will kill her and her family. Peter offers to help, to which she accepts.
  • The pair grow close throughout the series, working on projects together, as Felicia tells Peter about her father being a famous thief and how she was dragged into this life of crime. She tells him that the newly formed Baxter Building has something she needs in order to help her free her family from the Maggia's clutches.
  • Peter offers to help and infiltrates the building to steal the item that she needs. He has a confrontation with Johnny and fights him to get away. Unfortunately Peter injures Johnny while making away with the item.
  • He learns that Felicia tricked him into stealing the item, essentially using Peter as a tool to get what she wanted from him. He gets angry and threatens to take her in, before she counters by saying that the World will know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man if he does.
  • This triggers Peter given the events of No Way Home and for the first time, he hears the Symbiote in his head, urging him to make her pay. He gets angry at Felicia, but she twists it around by saying that she knows that Peter won't do anything. Besides, she still has a project to finish in class with him, leaping off the building before Peter can respond.
  • Hammerhead is the Maggia boss that Felicia is working with, revealing that he wants to use this new technology from the Baxter Building to enhance his body. We have a reveal of Mr Negative showing himself, offering to fund the surgery needed to use the enhancements. He asks if Mr Negative is using Vibranium, but is told of a different metal out of Madripoor which offers to be just as good.
  • Peter is in class with Felicia a couple of days later as he keeps eyeing her. She pays him no mind until after class when he starts to follow her. She leads him into a fire escape where the two confront each other once again… Before she kisses Peter again. She tells him that Cats love chasing Spiders as he starts to get angry at her for treating him like a joke. His body almost moves on it's own and he has to stop himself from webbing her up to the wall.
  • Soon he gets a call from Martin Li, telling him that FEAST will be closing down for a bit. Peter asks why and Li says that there's another endeavour that needs funding, but he plans to get FEAST back up and running in no time. Peter begs him to not close FEAST as he needs the job and it's the only memory he has left of May. Martin apologises and hangs up before Peter can respond and we see Peter crush his phone out of anger.
  • For the next few nights, while patrolling, he brutally takes down criminals as the anger from Martin's call and Felicia's actions fuel the Symbiote. He ends up witnessing the Symbiote lash out on it's own, without Peter's command, nearly killing someone.
  • Concerned, the first person that pops into his head about helping him is Reed Richards, given the nature of the lectures he's given at ESU. So he heads back to the Fantastic Four to inquire about what is going on with the Suit. Reed is there this time, saying that Johnny is very upset with Spider-Man about a couple of nights ago. Peter tells him about the suit and what's been happening, Reed asking for a sample of the suit to anaylse.
  • Reed notices that the suit appears to almost recoil when he takes a sample, but tells Peter that he'll run some tests and let him know. Peter thanks him and heads out.
  • Peter still finds himself aggressively lashing out at Criminals, but starts to feel less guilty about it with each encounter. He remembers May's words "With Great Power, there must also be Great Responsibility" but the Symbiote twists it around, giving Peter the thought of making sure that criminals are not able to reoffend. That is his responsibility.
  • Hammerhead, with his new enhancements, makes his move against a rival Maggia boss with the aim of taking his territory. Felicia by his side, he shows off the new Adamantium implants he has, giving the impression that he's invincible.
  • Reed calls back Peter, telling him that the suit is actually alive and that it is trying to actively bond with Peter on a permanent level. However, to Reed's surprise, Peter is unfazed nor does he care. And for the first time, refers to himself as "we" before he hangs up.
  • Peter leans of Hammerhead's move against the other Maggia bosses. With the Symbiote urging him to "use his power 'responsibly' this time", he heads out to take down Hammerhead.
  • He tracks down Hammerhead and brutally beats him up. The rage of Martin giving up on FEAST, Felicia using him like a tool, Jonah and Kingpin sending Mac Gargan after him, it fuels the Symbiote enough to hear the dual tone in Peter's voice for the first time.
  • Hammerhead's adamantium implants are protecting him from Spider-Man's blows, but only the top half of his body. Peter picks up on this and straight up shatters Hammerhead's leg. He severely damages Hammerhead's back and breaks his hip, screaming in rage as he lands the blows.
  • Felicia looks horrified to see Peter lashing out with such rage and begs him to stop. He's beaten Hammerhead, there's no need for him to keep going. Peter turns to her and lashes out about her using him as a tool and making him hurt people.
  • Peter webs her up and is about to strike, before he stops himself. He doesn't want to hurt her and fights against the Symbiote's urging to rip her to shreds. He resists long enough for Felicia to escape, Peter looking down horrified at his new suit.
  • He heads back to Reed, begging for his help to get the Symbiote off of him. The Symbiote takes over and starts lashing out, not wanting to leave Peter. However, Reed has planned for this as Johnny keeps the Symbiote at bay with his flames. Sue uses her shield to trap Peter in place to stop him from leaving.
  • Ben and Reed trigger a machine that uses high-frequency sonic waves and the Symbiote screams in pain along with Peter. The Symbiote starts to fall apart, Peter ripping it off where he can. Reed traps the Symbiote in a holding case and Peter faints from the experience. Ben covers Peter up with a towel before carrying him into a room where he can rest.
  • Peter and Johnny talk, Peter asking him to forgive him for injuring him. Johnny smiles and tells him that it's OK. It just means that he owes Peter a beating for next time as the two chuckle. Peter confides in Johnny that he felt… OK with the Symbiote, because he didn't have anyone around him and that he feels terrible about his actions from the past. Johnny asks what he means and Peter, for the first time, opens up about the events from No Way Home. Sue listens in from outside, feeling sorry for Peter as she leaves the pair to talk.
  • Peter tells him that he still mourns for May and for Tony. That he feels terrible about losing MJ, Ned, and Happy. Johnny listens and tells Peter that he shouldn't feel guilty about what happened. He was only a kid and didn't know better. It's a nice bonding moment between the two.
  • Reed checks in on Peter, taking his vitals and telling him that he was lucky to get there when he did. The Symbiote was attempting to bond with Peter on a celluar level which would've made it impossible to remove if it had. Peter thanks him for his help and Sue tells Peter that he needs help with anything at all, he shouldn't be afraid to reach out.
  • Peter thanks them as he heads back home. The next day in class, he's there and Felicia is keeping her distance. He apologises to her about what happened before and that he wasn't himself. But he asks why she is still here. It's clear that this is a cover for her, why does she need to be a thief? She simply tells him that while the money is definitely nice, it's also the thrill of the heist. He asks her if she really wants this as her life, to which she tells him that she doesn't know any other way. However, Hammerhead is now in prison and she has no employer, so she may be open for a career change.
  • Peter, deciding to act on his feelings, asks her if she wants to grab a coffee after class. She looks at him, asking if Spider-Man's asking her out as a date or as class-mates. He simply smiles and tells her that Peter Parker is asking. To which Felicia surprises him by saying that she isn't interested in Peter Parker. She's only interested in Spider-Man.
  • The two decide to get coffee together, with an advert saying that FEAST is now open once again.


  • MID-CREDITS SCENE – MJ is seen arriving back in New York, wearing an MiT bag.
  • END-CREDITS SCENE – The prison holding Mac Gargan is on high alert as the guards are rushing to contain a breakout… The growls of the Symbiote heard in the shadows as a green and black tail lashes out.


Spider-Man 5: Symbiotic Web:

  • Set 1 month after the events of Spider-Man: Black Web, Peter and Felicia are doing well together. Felicia helps out Peter while on patrols here and there if they run into each other, and Peter is doing well in class.
  • Peter is learning to balance his life once again as Peter Parker and Spider-Man, doing well in his course and now starting to get along with more people in his classes. He looks more healthier than he was before.
  • He brushes past MJ on the street one day, taken aback by seeing her back in NYC. She continues to walk past, unaware of her history with Peter, as she waves to Ned Leeds. He gives her a hug as they walk into a cafe together. Peter's smile fades a little as he looks disappointed.
  • The news reports that Mac Gargan has escaped from prison, Peter suiting up to take down the villain again. Scorpion is on the loose, becoming more violent. He is absolutely wrecked by Scorpion and is only able to survive, thanks to the Human Torch intervening. Scorpion gets away as a result.
  • Peter seems curious about how much more powerful Gargan has become, deciding to go over the footage of the battle uploaded on social media from witnesses. He notices the way that Gargan's tail moves and notices the difference compared to the last time they fought.
  • Peter and Felicia have an argument over Peter wanting to take down Scorpion. Peter tells her that it's his responsibility to do so, while she argues that there are other heroes in NYC who can handle Gargan. She groans about how Spider-Man is so selfless and that it's good for him to be selfish every now and then.
  • Martin Li contacts Peter, telling him that FEAST is back up and running and he plans to make it a long-term commitment. Peter is surprised, but also pleased as Martin offers him a full time job. Peter tells him that he can't commit that many hours, due to his college course, but Martin tells him that they can work out the details in due time.
  • At FEAST, Peter runs into MJ, who is volunteering to help out. He is taken aback as she asks him to help with some boxes, stammering a little. She seems weirded out by it, asking if he's OK. The two talk as they help distribute some goods out to the folk who have arrived for help. He learns that she has an internship with the Baxter Building while she's back in NYC, before she heads back to MiT after the holiday season.
  • Peter asks if she's seeing anyone, to which she confirms that her and Ned are not in a relationship. He smiles warmly at her and she asks what he's so happy about. Peter shrugs it off, telling her that he simply likes it when other people are happy.
  • Gargan feels the pull of the second Symbiote that is stored in the Baxter Building, the hive-mind of the two Symbiotes starting to reach out to one another and connect. Gargan learns, through the Symbiote that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and that there are other people who are close to Peter… Such as MJ.
  • Scorpion attacks FEAST, killing a few people and seriously injuring Ned after he tries to protect MJ. Spider-Man arrives to stop him, luring him away from FEAST. It's here that Gargan reveals to Peter that he knows his secret identity. He knows everything about Peter, thanks to the Symbiote's hive mind, and that he will hurt Peter in every way possible before he finally kills him. He escapes as Peter fails to pursue him.
  • Peter arrives at the hospital, checking to see if MJ is OK. She's hurt, but fine. However, Ned has lost his legs from the attack. Peter makes the hard decision to go back to the Baxter Building and asks Reed for the Symbiote back. Reed is shocked about why Peter would ask for that thing back, to which Peter tells him that he needs it to defeat Gargan.
  • Reed offers to help Peter another way, by having the team work with him to take down Gargan together. Peter doesn't want them to get dragged into this mess with him, asking once again for the Symbiote. Reed tells Peter that they had a lot of trouble last time trying to get it off him… This time it might not be possible. Peter asks a third time, to which Reed once again refuses.
  • Felicia offers to steal the Symbiote for Peter, Peter refusing to let her do so. She asks what has him down and he tells her about Ned and MJ. She seems more upset about Peter seeing MJ than about Ned being hurt. Peter and Felicia argue once again, telling her that he's not just Spider-Man. She counters that she doesn't care for the weak Peter, only the strong Spider.
  • Hurt by this, Peter decides to end the relationship, Felicia saying that she's glad that Peter had the balls to at least end this, since it's clear that he wants MJ over her. He also learns the following day that Felicia has pulled out of ESU.
  • MJ, interning at the Baxter Building, asks about the casing that the Symbiote is held in. Ben tells her that it's very dangerous and that unless Reed gives her instructions to interact with it, don't touch it. They notice that the Symbiote in the casing gets erratic when MJ is near it. Ben tells her that the team is rolling out, but the session she has booked will still go ahead when Ned is ready to be released.
  • Gargan and the Symbiote argue over what to do next. Gargan wants to kill Peter Parker straight up, while the Symbiote wants to make him suffer first. When asked about why this particular Symbiote hates Peter Parker, he tells him that he is not of this Universe. That he was originally bonded to another and when the wizard cast a spell to bring them to this world, he was left behind when they returned. And that if Gargan wants to kill Peter Parker, it's best to do it slowly and painfully.
  • Peter crafts some sonic-bursts to be used along with his webbing as a way to combat the Symbiote, knowing that it's weakness is sound. He decides to head out to hunt down Gargan, with the aim of removing the Symbiote from him and finding a way to destroy it. It takes a few tries, but he gets the basic idea down. However, he needs better tech and the Baxter Building has what he needs.
  • MJ brings Ned into the Baxter Building after he's released from hospital, telling him that they have the best cybernetics here to use get him back on his feet again. Ned is thankful, but tells her that it won't be the same. He asks if the Fantastic Four are going to be her, to which she tells him that they have left on a mission.
  • Gargan attacks the Baxter Building, knowing that the place is important to Peter and that the Fantastic Four are vacant. He damages a large portion of the building before escaping.
  • During the attack, the Symbiote held in captivity is released and it immediately latches onto MJ. It protects her and Ned from the building collapsing and it's revealed that the Symbiote still cares for Peter. Unintentionally, the Symbiote shows MJ the memories of Peter and her together, along with Ned, filling in all the blanks.
  • Ned is unable to move as MJ struggles to hold up the debris from crushing them, even with the Symbiote's boost. Spider-Man arrives on the scene and helps clear the debris. Once it's clear, the Symbiote ditches MJ and it attempts to latch onto Peter. He manages to dodge it and lands on Ned, beginning to bond with him. Peter uses the prototype sonic burst to separate the two. Peter manages to capture the Symbiote once again and uses an incinerator that Reed had made, to finally be rid of that particular Symbiote.
  • Ned is loaded into an ambulance to be taken back to hospital after being injured and MJ asks if her and Spider-Man can speak. He seems surprised, but rolls with it. She tells him that the Symbiote latched itself onto her and showed her these memories. She confronts him, asking if his name is Peter Parker.
  • He can't lie to her, and he confirms it. She looks at him, tears forming in her eyes, saying that she remembers him thanks to the Symbiote. Peter's eyes widen as he smiles, pulling himself in for a kiss… Before MJ slaps him. He looks shocked by this.
  • She tells him that he broke his promise. That he was going to tell Ned and her about everything after, that he would find them… And he lied. He didn't, he let them live on without the knowledge that Ned's best friend, and MJ's boyfriend was OK.
  • Peter tells her that it was to protect her, especially after what happened to May. MJ gets mad, telling him to not use May as an excuse. She tells him that while she remembers him, he may as well continue to live on acting like she didn't. Because she clearly wasn't important enough for him to care. She leaves as Peter feels guilty about his past actions.
  • Peter uses what's left the lab facilities to craft the gadgets he needs and actively seeks out Gargan. The two engage in a battle where Gargan taunts Peter, telling him that the Symbiote knows everything about him. All his moves, his tactics, everything. He knows that not even his Spider-Sense is triggered by the Symbiote, but Peter uses the sonic gadgets to rip the Symbiote off of Gargan.
  • He catches it in a holding case that is designed to incinerate the Symbiote immediately, destroying it. Gargan is enraged as he attacks Peter, who can now defend himself against Gargan easily. He's captured once again and put away back in Rykers.
  • Peter actively seeks out MJ after again, going to the hospital where Ned is being treated. She is cold towards him and he begs for her to forgive him. He tells her that the only reason he broke the promise, was to protect them. MJ looks at him and tells him that it's not his right to decide that. She should've been given the choice, along with Ned.
  • He asks if there's anyway for them to move past this, MJ simply replying that she needs time. He asks if it's Ned, and she tells him that it's not Ned that's holding her back. She isn't interested in Ned , she's not dating him. But she can't just act like nothing has happened and that she can just treat Peter as her boyfriend after all this time.
  • The movie ends with Peter swinging away from the hospital, MJ looking at him as he does. He gets a notification from Johnny Storm, asking him to come around the Baxter Building.
  • END-CREDITS SCENE – Martin Li is seen visiting the hospital where Ned is. He tells him that he cannot heal his legs, but he can heal the injuries Ned has sustained. We see him using his Light-Force powers to heal Ned's injuries, while inside his body… The black remnants of the Symbiote turn white.


Anti-Venom (Marvel Spotlight Series – 3-4 Episodes):

  • Ned is going through rehab for his injuries where he starts to notice his body getting stronger and more durable. He notices that his legs are feeling strange as well, the doctors chalking it down to phantom pains. The usual montage of Spider-powers manifesting, similar to the Raimi films. Random webbing, sticking to things, etc. End of first ep is Ned getting his legs back, looking completely normal.
  • He learns that his Anti-Venom powers can actually heal people as well when MJ gets injured during a villain attack. By healing her, he also purges the remnants of the Symbiote that she had inside of her, similar to what he had.
  • He asks her if she's interested in taking their friendship up to the next level. She tells him that she can't, as she doesn't feel that sort of connection with him. He is disappointed, asking if it's Peter Parker. She's shocked to learn that he knows about that, telling her that whatever is happening to him is making him remember who he is.
  • Main villain of the story would Mr. Negative, who is battling with his light side and his dark side. His Light Side is Martin Li, who wants to continue to use FEAST as a way to help the community and those who need it. His Dark Side is Mr. Negative who seeks out revenge.
  • We learn that Mr. Negative's freshly immigrated parents were paid a large amount to submit their son for experimentation. We learn Madame Gao was one of the people linked to the project as well. We also learn that while Martin Li can heal people via touch, Mr. Negative's powers are that he can corrupt via touch, bringing out the worst traits in people.
  • Ned clashes with Mr. Negative and his attempts to corrupt Ned are negated by the Anti-Venom Symbiote, which allow Ned to get the upper hand. Until Ned is depowered by Mr Negative's touch. He leaves Ned there as he escapes, the Anti-Venom symbiote soon getting it's power back after a couple of minutes. Ned does not know that Mr. Negative is Martin Li.
  • End of the series is Ned confirming with MJ that he's going to have to tell Peter about this, since he might be able to help with the situation.
  • MID-CREDITS SCENE – Martin Li is approached by the Kingpin, who is fully aware of Li's history with the Maggia. He offers a solution to both of their problems. Li's hands glow as he leans in, saying that he's listening.


Fantastic Four 2:

  • Spider-Man recruited to help the Fantastic Four with a mission, time frame takes place during and a bit after the Anti-Venom Spotlight series.


Spider-Man 6: Spectacular Spider Web:

  • About a month after the events of the Anti-Venom Spotlight series, Peter returns to NYC after helping the Fantastic Four.
  • He gets into a confrontation with Tombstone while tracking down a Maggia lead. Ned, as Anti-Venom, comes in and assists him, revealing himself to Peter after the confrontation has ended. Peter is understandably shocked, but Ned catches him up on the situation regarding Anti-Venom. He also calls out Peter for leaving him and MJ high and dry, hurt that Peter just abandoned them.
  • Peter tries to explain his reasoning, but Ned stops him. He knows, through the Symbiote, that Peter suffered. But he should've let his friends help him the way that Peter had helped them. Peter asks about MJ, but Ned tells him to listen. MJ still cares about Peter, it's obvious. But it's the fact that he left her high and dry, and let her live her life for a couple of years in complete oblivion about Peter's existence.
  • Peter understands that MJ might not want to speak to him again, but asks why Ned is still here and not back at MiT. Ned tells him that he had to stay behind to tell him about Mr. Negative and that he's dangerous. Peter thanks him as Ned tells him while he still thinks that Peter is a dick, he knows that he meant well. He leaves, telling Peter that MJ just needs time.
  • While finishing up his course at ESU, Peter begins to look into Mr Negative and just who he is during his spare time. There's not much information about him other than he's a crime-lord who uses "black magic" to fight against his enemies. It's not much, so he decides to go on patrol to find out information from criminals.
  • Martin Li continues to work with the Kingpin, agreeing to power up his goons with Darkforce energy to not only combat the Maggia heads, but also to give them a chance up against Spider-Man and the other heroes of NYC.
  • Peter runs into these powered up goons and struggles to take them down. He manages to web them up long enough for the effects to wear off and interrogate them. He learns that they were hired by the Kingpin and that he's got this super-powered freak who's giving them all power-boosts. He leaves them webbed up for the police who collect the criminals.
  • Peter continues to look into the connections between the Kingpin and Mr. Negative while working at FEAST. He's interrupted by Martin, who sees that Peter is looking up news articles about the pair. He asks why Peter is looking into criminals. Peter lies, saying that he's doing a minor in criminology and is thinking of using the Kingpin as a case study. Martin asks about the other, and Peter tells him it's this new person that people think are working with the Kingpin.
  • Martin gives him an ominous warning, saying that Peter shouldn't get involved in stuff like this. FEAST is starting to thrive and he should focus on helping people here as well as his studies. peter takes note as his Spider-Sense starts to tingle ever so slightly before it stops.
  • Martin brings up Peter Parker to the Kingpin, telling him that he's been looking into the Kingpin for a case study for school. The Kingpin is curious about who Peter Parker is, and Martin tells him that he's the nephew of the original founder of FEAST, May Parker, who died a couple of years ago.
  • The Kingpin looks up the records on May Parker and notes that Peter isn't listed anywhere as a relative of her. In fact, there's almost no information on Peter Parker, save for him getting a GED a couple of years ago and starting at ESU. The Kingpin uses his contacts at ESU to look into this Peter Parker and keep an eye on him.
  • A couple of months pass as Peter continues to look into the connection between Mr Negative and Kingpin, but apart from finding a couple more of the enhanced goons, nothing significant shows itself.
  • Peter finally gets a proper lead when a goon is able to give him a place where he got enhanced. Peter goes to the building where he can see Mr Negative giving his corruptive touch to the goons. He's spotted and finally has a battle against Mr Negative. He's subjected to his corrupting touch and is subjected to these torturous images flooding his mind.
  • As Peter struggles with the mental battle in his head, Mr. Negative takes him back away from the others and removes Spider-Man's mask to see that it's Peter Parker.
  • Peter is faced with images of Tony telling him that Peter has failed him, Ned and MJ hating Peter for breaking his promise to them, Felicia telling him that Peter Parker is nothing without Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four berating him for thinking that they would accept him as one of them.
  • Peter begs with them, telling them that he's sorry and that he didn't mean to hurt or disappoint anyone. He starts to break down, the spectres disappearing as Peter sobs uncontrollably. He feels a hand on his shoulder as he looks up… It's Aunt May.
  • She tells him that Peter has lost his way since the events of No Way Home and that he will remain lost until he comes to terms with what he's done. He was responsible for all of these terrible things befalling his friends and family, but he also has the power to fix them. When he asks why she isn't angry with him, it's because Peter knows that May died because she loved him and wanted to protect Peter. She tells him to get up as the other spectres hold him down.
  • Mr Negative clashes with Martin Li subconsciously, with Negative saying that giving Peter to Fisk would give them the leverage to exact the revenge they've sought for so long. Martin counters that he doesn't want to sacrifice a good person like Peter, since he believes that Peter really is related to May. As they argue over what to do, Peter manages to break free of Mr Negative's control with the help of May.
  • Martin looks up as Peter leaps up, seeing that his mask has been taken off. He looks over to Martin, who has half his body transformed into Mr Negative, telling him that May would be so disappointed in how he's perverting her dream of helping people. Peter puts his mask back on as Mr Negative takes over and the two engage in another battle.
  • Peter is able to get the upper-hand, now that he knows how Mr Negative's powers work. However Mr Negative manages to get away into a room where he dons traditional Chinese armour. He empowers it with Darkforce energy, giving him another advantage over Peter.
  • Kingpin is alerted that a battle is taking place between Spider-Man and Mr Negative, choosing to hop in a helicopter to see the action in person.
  • Peter does battle with the armoured Mr Negative, struggling to get the upper-hand in a physical battle. He calls out Martin, telling him that working with a mafia boss like Kingpin goes against everything that Martin stood for at FEAST.
  • Mr Negative refuses to listen, stating that those who made him like this are going to pay. Peter tells him that Kingpin is now the head of those people, so by Mr Negative's logic, Kingpin should pay as well. Mr Negative reveals that he had plans to betray Fisk all along.
  • Martin starts to fight back against Mr Negative, not wanting to put FEAST or May's legacy in jeopardy. Mr Negative's armour starts to fail due to the conflict as Peter starts to get the upper hand.
  • Kingpin arrives to see Mr Negative/Martin fighting against Spider-Man. Mr Negative sees Kingpin arriving in the helicopter and immediately goes for a killing blow. Peter saves Kingpin, getting him out of the way as Martin continues to struggle against Mr Negative. Kingpin orders his goons to kill Mr Negative, only the goons to turn on Fisk. They've been empowered by Mr Negative and he orders for them to kill Fisk and Spider-Man. Fisk's suit protects him from some bullets as Peter fights off the goons.
  • Mr Negative goes for a killing blow, only to be stabbed through the chest by Kingpin. Mr Negative unleashes a powerful pulse of energy that erupts outward, damaging the building and causing the roof to collapse. Kingpin manages to get away as Peter goes to get Martin out. Martin tells Peter that he needs to get out, that this is his punishment for letting Mr Negative corrupt him the way that he did.
  • Peter refuses to let Martin die, pulling him out of the rubble and getting him out of the building before it collapses. He gets Martin to an ambulance, who thanks Spider-Man for saving him. He also tells him that his secret is safe as the ambulance drives off.
  • A couple of months pass, and Peter graduates from his bio-physics course, Dr Connors giving Peter the valedictorian award. Peter readies himself to give a speech as he sees some familiar faces in the crowd. The Fantastic Four are there, along with Matt Murdock and Foggy. However, he spots MJ and Ned in the crowd, with MJ flipping him off. He smiles as he gives a speech on how everyone graduating today has been given a great power with the knowledge they've learned. And it's their great responsibility to use it to make the world a better place.
  • He goes to see MJ and Ned, who congratulate Peter on graduating. He tells them it would've been nice for them to graduate together, but he's thankful that they're here. He asks them if they want to get a coffee together. MJ and Ned look at each other before looking back to Peter, telling him that they'll only go on one condition. Peter's paying for every outing they've missed out since the events of No Way Home.
  • MID-CREDITS SCENE – Martin Li is in prison, looking up at the door. It's silent at first as the lights flicker on and off, with each flicker switching between Martin and Mr Negative, before it's a half-half look.
  • END CREDITS SCENE – Kingpin is sitting at a table, a chair blocking the view of whoever he's speaking to. He asks for them to give him information worthy of the amount they're asking for. The camera moves around to reveal Black Cat sitting across from Fisk, smiling as she says "Spider-Man is really…"

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