There was a previous TVA

In Loki, Season 2 Episode 6, when Judge Renslayer is in the Void, they show a large metal disc under her with the TVA logo: "For All Time. Always."

90 second earlier they showed the same disc under Mobius' feet in the TVA hallway.

At no point in the series was any flooring of the TVA pruned. The clear implication is that there was a previous TVA that was pruned and sent to the Void.

How could this have occurred? There are two possibilities. Either (1) HWR overthrew a previous Kang variant who was running a TVA, destroyed that Kang's TVA and erected his own or (2) HWR overthrew a previous "good" TVA similar to the current TVA, i.e., before HWR took the thrown, there was a multiversal tree overseen by a good TVA. This latter option is most likely given that immediately prior to these scenes, Mobius says, "Those who forget the past … you know." Eternity moves in a cycle of HWR creating the TVA, Loki changing it for good, then a new HWR destroying the good TVA and building his own:

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