This is how Spider-Man 4 should be

My dream for Spider-Man 4 (or as I'll call it, Spider-Man: Devil's Reign) is for it to be like Captain America: Civil War, with Spider-Man, Daredevil, Kingpin, and Scorpion being the main characters, Black Cat as a recurring temptation for Peter, Harry and Gwen to be involved in his College life, Luke Cage taking on the more prominent role like Black Panther did in Civil War, and Jessica Jones, Danny Rand, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, The Punisher, Kate Bishop, Maya Lopez, White Tiger, and Luke Cage all being in the film to help Spider-Man and Daredevil but not be prominent enough that they take away the spotlight from the main 4 characters (basically the same role everyone else took in Civil War outside of Steve, Tony, Zemo, and Bucky).

End the film with Fisk finally being taken down and tie in Luke's popularity with the people by replacing Fisk as mayor of NYC and you got yourself a good adaptation of Devil's Reign. You could even do the whole "Fisk doesn't know Matt is Daredevil" thing from Devil's Reign with Spider-Man instead since Peter having his identity erased is similar to what happened to Matt prior to DR.

Have Scorpion be the one man Thunderbolts from DR as Fisk's main enforcer for hunting down vigilantes, and tie Jameson in to his origin like he is by having Fisk and Jameson work together to write hit pieces against the vigilantes and have Jameson come up with the idea of bringing in Mac Gargan to become the Scorpion. Maybe even use the other vigilante characters by showing them get defeated and captured by him to show off how powerful he is so we can feel the danger whenever he fights Spider-Man and Daredevil.

With Jameson being in the film, this should also be where they introduce Eddie Brock to the MCU by having him be a rival to Peter at the Daily Bugle (I envision Eddie being played by Alan Ritchson, I cannot think of any other actor to play him, he is perfect for the role and can bring that physically daunting presence just from Eddie alone without Venom).

It should also introduce Yuri Watanabe and Stanley Carter to the MCU, with Yuri becoming Spider-Man's Jim Gordon throughout the film, and Stanley being slowly set up to becoming the Sin-Eater, and save him for Spider-Man 5 after Peter gets the symbiote in Secret Wars (maybe that one could be R-rated). Yuri could end up becoming The Wraith in a future film but for now she should be the only person Spider-Man can turn to for help with tracking down criminals (I envision her being played by Karen Fukuhara, but any actress of Japanese descent in their 30's would fit the character. Stanley I envision as a Josh Hutcherson type actor, but not entirely like Josh).

Preferably this film would be much more mature and be R-rated, but PG-13 that's pushing the limit of the rating would be good, this would be Peter at a dark period in his life and the tone should reflect that, it should be directed by Drew Goddard and be written by writers from Daredevil since they'd be the best to handle Fisk and Matt's characters in the film and tell the mature story. John Paesano should be the composer and the composer for the next 2 Spider-Man films to show we're past the times of the upbeat and campy Home trilogy and to use the character themes of the Netflix shows easier. For the release date I think around summer 2026 would be good, assuming Secret Wars is pushed back to 2027-2028 and Spider-Man 5 is 2029-2030. Lastly it should be seen as more of a finale to Daredevil: Born Again by having it pick up shortly after where Born Again ends but told from Spider-Man's prospective.

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