Thor 5 theory (spoilers for current MCU)

After the events of Secret Invasion, and now that New Asgard is a Skrull sanctuary, I feel like the groundwork for a Siege event is being laid.

Thunderbolts (whoever survives the movie, along with some new additions to come later) may act as a Dark Avengers style government sanctioned team sent to arrest the Skrulls and anyone giving them refuge amd assistance. Hercules will be involved, though I can't decide if he'll join up with the Thunderbolts, or be a secondary antagonist, but either way, I feel like he'll end up deciding Thor is right, and join with him to fight.

I also see this going along a similar route to Civil War, and it being a sort of mini-Avengers movie. Valkyrie will obviously be involved, as well as Carol and maybe Vision, considering Thor helped in his creation. Maybe others as well, but I'm not sure who else to add.

As in the comic run, Sentry, on the Thunderbolts, will lose control of The Void, and I think Thor will ultimately have to sacrifice himself to stop him.

I want Kenneth Branagh back to direct it and bookend the franchise.

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