Time Travel Shenanigans

Not really a theory more of a “how does that work?” Kinda deal. So in Avengers Endgame time travel is established as not being able to change the future (you go back change something it creates a new timeline/reality. Returning to present doesnt reflect said change.) So my issue is that since the FOX MARVEL movies are now officially canon to the MARVEL CINEMATIC MULTIVERSE Days of future past to me contradicts the Endgame rules of time travel and so does Deadpool 2. Wolverine being sent back in time to change the future doesnt work with Endgames rules since he does in-fact change the future and so does Deadpool. How will this discrepancy get corrected in Deadpool and Wolverine/ any other future MCU movie? Because they make it very clear how timelines work in loki and endgame.

Side note: i prefer the way the Arrowverse did time travel and multiverse. Timelines are specific to Universes and not alternate universe’s. Like when Oliver and Barry switched lives and no one knows what theyre talking about but then Supergirl comes and doesnt know what is going on but knows theyre telling the truth.

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