Venom in the MCU

Venom Last Dance trailer recently dropped, and it shows a guy collecting the venom sample that we saw drop at the end of NWH. I’ve been reading a few theories and also have one of my own I’d like to share.

Theory 1; This is Sony and Disney saying “sorry folks, deals off no venom for the MCU”

Theory 2; The symbiote manages to escape and find a host in the MCU timeline. Knowing Eddie Brock is a journalist Venom heads to the daily bugle and finds Eddie Brock. Venom enters the MCU with a new actor playing Eddie.

Theory 3; same as above only instead of finding Eddie he finds Peter Parker who is trying to sell his photographs of Spider-Man to the Daily Bugle and we get the MCU version of black suit Spider-Man.

Theory 3; The symbiote is taken by the military and merged with Flash Thompson to create Agent Venom and help create The Secret Avengers.

Now for my potential theory. I say potential because I’m not familiar with the storyline, it’s something I came across googling something else so I could be way off the mark.

There is a storyline where MJ gains powers from the symbiote. The storyline takes place after several incursions destroy the universe and battle world is formed. MJ, Peter and their Daughter live in an area known as The Regency, which is remnants of a dimension created by Emperor Doom. The storyline features the sinister six, Kraven the hunter and mysterio along with the Xmen. All these have been either confirmed or implied that they will be coming to the MCU. Like I said I could be way off the mark as I’ve not read the actual storyline but another possibility for the symbiote entering the MCU could be Spinnerette.

Personally I do think they would go with a more well known character, if they were to bring Venom over. I just thought it was interesting that the timeline, locations and characters in that story arc seem to all be happening or about to happen in the MCU.

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