Venom Key to Remembering Peter Parker

In the No Way Home post credit scene we see Venom leave a piece of himself behind. We also know that in the combined Sony/MCU universe the symbiotes has a hive like mind that can communicate and share info across the multiverse.

My theory is not only will that piece of the symbiote be part of whatever symbiote suit Peter ends up with, but it will bond with one or more people, even briefly, and make them remember who Peter Parker is. That can also tie into the theory of Ned becoming Hobgoblin. With the forgetting spell clashing with the symbiote's knowledge, causing Ned to go insane.

With Sony owning the rights to Venom it makes sense that their already established Venom won't be replaced by whatever piece of the symbiote that bonds with Peter. If the Sony Spider-Man universe doesn't collapse after the repeated bombs, like Craven and Madame Web, they can still have the Tom Hardy Venom cross over to Peter's universe.

Edit: For all the people who are upset about the Ned as Hobgoblin. It's not my theory, but my own theory would at least give some sort of reasonable way to explain him going insane within the already established universe.

There is a lot they can do with the symbiote restoring the memory of Peter to certain people. Maybe not immediately in the 4th movie, but some characters like MJ are too great to throw away to to turn into mere B story observers.

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