Was Thanos’ Snap Sabotaged?

I know this has been discussed before, but I believe 'The Snap' could've been planned by more than just Thanos.

In the Eternals, there is a scene where Ajak is explaining to Icarus, the mistake Hulk made, by snapping everyone back.

She never elaborates on why she believed Hulk's snap was a mistake, but Thanos' snap wasn't.

By the end, we realise why she thought it was a mistake to snap everyone back. Because the energy of those people, would speed up the development of the Celestial. Thus destroying the planet.

But Ajak isn't about killing people. She turned on Arishem, to save the people. So she must have known the people that Thanos snapped, were in fact, safe.

She leaves leadership of the Eternals to Sersi. Apparently the only Eternal with the potential to kill a Celestial. Convenient…

And after Sersi is taken by Arishem, Eros (Thanos' brother) arrives to help, and has access to another Celestial. Which he implies will help.

I assume this other Celestial is either a rogue Celestial (i.e. The One Above All). Or Arishem and his Celestials are the rogue ones (hence their destructive nature).

It almost felt like Eros, was a "Plan B". Incase of Sersi's demise or failure. Put in place by Ajak.

So, did Thanos know about the Celestials and their destructive plans. And team up with his brother, Ajak, and other's, to save the planet/universe?

Or could his snap have been compromised?

In other words. Did someone have knowledge of Thanos' plan to snap, because they saw the future or witnessed Thanos doing the same thing, in another universe.

Therefore, they put a plan in place to sabotage either, his Gauntlet or the Stones themselves.

Making him think he just killed half the population. But in actuality, he just unwittingly snapped them into a 'Safe Zone', which is fairly similar to the Quantum Realm, in terms of time.

So the potential to snap everyone back was always there, but only after they dealt with the Celestial.

They just used Thanos to do the deed for them, unknowingly.

It kills two birds, with one stone. Thanos carries out his plan of depopulation. And the plan to cut the energy resource (people) the Celestial needed to develop, is simultaneously carried out.

Until of course, the Avengers and Hulk, came along, and messed it up.

Could the Time Stone used by Thanos have been the "fake" one, planted by Dr Strange. For example; snapping everyone, through time or to another place, rather than out of existence. Similar to the TVA and pruning.

Hence why Thanos' snap, didn't work like it should have.

Could the "fake" Time Stone, not actually be fake. But a different version of the Time Stone, from another universe.

We are told in What if?… the Stones are weaker or do not work as they should, if they're used in a universe, that they do not belong to.

Another Stone or set of Stones, could've been easily acquired, if the person knew of the TVA for example. A place where multiple Infinity Stones, were kept.

Were the collection of Infinity Stones, found in the TVA, purposely brought and kept there. To keep certain individuals from obtaining them, like Thanos.

Could it have been Kang (He Who Remains), who implemented the collecting of Infinity Stones, from across the Multiverse. So his plans wouldn't be hindered by the use of them.

Was it planned that Loki would get the Tesseract, during the Time Heist (it literally fell at his feet). So the Avengers of that timeline, couldn't use the Tesseract against Thanos or to save the people, at that time.

There were too many convenient "coincidences" that took place. To end up, where we are at now. Who knows?…

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