What I think the sling portal is about

This one ^

Ok this is what I THINK is happening with the whole goofy ah portal thing.

Trying to piece together this absolute mess of a state the MCU is in rn, this is what I've come up with.

This is the chain of events:

So at the end of No Way Home, Steven Strange does his doohickey "Forget Poopy Parker" spell. He didn't do a "forget this ever happened retcon" spell. So he still remembers a multiverse threat that almost destroyed the world happening. He just can't remember who it was with that started it all. So it canceled it out.

Strange remembers this event and multiverse of madness and begins studying the multiverse as to avoid future catastrophes such as those

Flash forward a little bit.

Antman comes back from fighting kang,


This scene specifically.

Where Scott starts to have an existential panic attack after slowly realizing that 616 Kang was probably credible in his threat and his gang beat Kang, he only really won because they were in the quantum realm and he easily could have wiped everyone out if Kang wasn't trying to leave the quantum realm.

Even when Scott is trying to put off his panic attack, he's still pretty nervous and is only really coping, only temporarily puts off his relapse of constant unease.

So what I think happens from here is Scott, slowly breaking down as the weight of his actions collapses on him, finally caves and calls for help, informing them about what happened. Of course he goes to the strongest person he knows and has dealt with a threat of this scale:

Doctor Strange

Scott goes to Steven and tells him about what happened, Doctor strange not remembering peter, but remembering that event, sees this as a big problem. Getting ready for said kangs to arrive and kick their ass, he gather's multiversal heros to aid in fighting for earth

(which is probably gonna cause an incursion)

That's what I think the portal is all about.

TLDR: after no way home, Dr.Strange doesn't remember peter but remembers the event, starts studying the multiverse, gets contacted by Scott who exclaims a big, credible, multiversal threat is on it's way. Strange starts tracking and recruiting heros

Also, sub theory, this is photo is editted, in the movie it's gonna be Amelia Chaves's portal… Unless they just retcon that I guess but idk why they'd do that)

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