What if Strange saw beyond endgame

I know this theory will sound so rigged but i just wanted to share. Remember when Dr Strange saw 14m different timelines with the timestone? He said one wins

What if Strange saw the loki sequence of becoming the holder of the multiverse and planned it all in the beginning to save the multiverse branched timelines from the TVA?

To defeat thanos once out of 14m is very cheesy (in my opinion), and strange attempted nothing to stop star lord from breaking the hold on Thanos, when they were about to win

Dr Strange priority must have shifted from saving half the universe to saving infinite timelines. I mean think about it, none of Loki would have occured had the avengers not timetravelled in the first place

It could also be the influence of The One Who Remains, the one who remains could control time and in theory could control the timestone that gave Dr Strange these visions, prompting Strange to pick the 'best' possible outcome to bring loki to him

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