What If Theory: The Ancient one caused the incursion

In season 1 episode 4 of What If, Doctor Strange tries to reverse an absolute point by letting Christine live. When he confronts the ancient one after trying to reverse Christine's death, she says "Please do not do this [save Christine] or I will be forced to stop you." The ancient one then uses her power to split Strange's timeline into two timelines, one where Strange tries to change the absolute point, and one where he accepts Christine's death and moves on. From Multiverse of Madness, we know that an incursion can be caused by two universes/timelines colliding, so couldn't it be possible that the Ancient One caused the incursion by creating a second timeline in the same universe? In my mind, this would have been intentional as a way to deter Strange from going any further but ultimately failed, destroying the universe when Strange Supreme won the fight between the two. What do you guys think? Was the incursion caused by The Ancient One, Strange Supreme, or maybe both? It seemed like the universe was melting at the moment of the timeline splitting (when Strange was sitting in the sanctum and walked outside to talk to the Ancient One's "echo") but was not melting when the two Stranges fought each other UNTIL Strange Supreme saved Christine and broke the point. So maybe there were two incursions, one from the ancient one splitting the timeline and one from saving Christine. I'm just rambling now but I thought this could be a cool theory. Let me know what you guys think!

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