What If Video For My Youtube Channel Need Your Guises Help ?

But In my video I explain that I've been given the task to bring the fantastic four to the MCU:

the story:

Set in the swinging sixties, In the bustling laboratory adorned with retro-futuristic gadgets and buzzing machines, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. Reed Richards, the brilliant polymath, huddled with Susan Storm, the astrophysics genius, while Johnny Storm, the daring experimentalist, exchanged enthusiastic banter with Ben Grimm, the rugged engineer. Their shared project, a contraption embodying their collective ingenuity, stood poised in the center – a culmination of tireless efforts and boundless innovation. As the flickering lab lights danced to the rhythm of their excitement, the quartet marveled at their creation. It was a device that promised to unlock the mysteries of interdimensional energy, an ambitious endeavor reflecting the convergence of their respective talents and unyielding camaraderie. The quartet marveled at their creation, the machine hummed with a vibrant energy, its mechanisms pulsating with an otherworldly glow. However, in an unforeseen twist, the contraption sputtered and began a gradual descent into shutdown mode. Blinking lights dimmed, and a faint whirring signaled an impending halt to their meticulously crafted invention. With a shared glance, the team acknowledged the setback but chose not to let it dampen their spirits. They exchanged knowing smiles, a silent affirmation of their ability to troubleshoot and refine their creation later. Leaving the confines of their laboratory behind, the Fantastic Four ventured out into the vivacious cityscape, embracing the kaleidoscopic hues and vivacity of the swinging sixties. They found themselves at a bustling local haunt, a lively club pulsating with the era's infectious beats. Amidst clinking glasses and laughter, they raised a toast – not just to their completed project, but to the undeniable resilience that had sustained them for a decade. It was a celebration of ten years of improbable victories, late-night brainstorming sessions, and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The night unfolded with anecdotes of their most memorable scientific escapades, punctuated by roaring laughter and heartfelt camaraderie. As they reminisced, the bond that fortified their friendship and fueled their scientific pursuits shone brighter than any experiment they had ever undertaken. Their evening of revelry didn't just mark an anniversary of scientific collaboration; it was a testament to the enduring strength of their friendship, a force capable of transcending setbacks and powering them through the enigmatic journey of discovery.

The next day we find the team surrounded by a group of investors, here Reed explains the project we saw the team working on which was a revolutionary project concerning an all-purpose energy source that can manipulate the quantum field, something distinct from the Tesseract's space-warping capabilities and the Arc Reactor's clean energy which reed developed initially then brought alongside his team to make it a reality. He presents this project to a room full of potential investors, including Peggy Carter representing S.H.I.E.L.D., Hank Pym, Howard Stark, and Obadiah Stane. However, Reed insists on his team and himself retaining creative control over the project, leading him to decline their offers.

Enter Victor Von Doom, an old friend and colleague of Reed and Ben. He offers to fund their project in return for a share in the profits and a 50% ownership of the copyright. After much deliberation, the team reluctantly agrees, allowing Victor to join their project. Victor has his own agenda, though: he wants to use the quantum energy source to power a spacecraft for an exploratory mission into space.

The team embarks on the mission, only to be bombarded by cosmic radiation that alters their physiology, giving them extraordinary powers. They awaken days later in a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, where they undergo testing and training under Peggy Carter's supervision. Meanwhile, Victor seems to be unaffected by the radiation, but he secretly uses his influence to leak the energy project data from S.H.I.E.L.D., leading to repurposed Hydra weapons popping up around the city.

Owen Reece, a war veteran changed by illicit biological experiments and now wielding the stolen quantum energy, becomes the primary antagonist. In an attempt to capture Owen and stop the chaos, the Fantastic Four confront him in a thrilling battle, only to find themselves face-to-face with a man turned into a living quantum weapon.

While Victor assists the team in trying to create a containment unit for Owen, he secretly works on amplifying the energy source. As the Fantastic Four encounter him again this time they capture Owen, as they bring him in for questioning Agent Carter tries to question him for answers only for him to refuse, while the four try to begin to find traces of a stronger dosage of their energy source within the confiscated repurposed hydra weapons, eventually we see Owen hear a loud ringing in his ear as he begins to convulse and seize upon the floor only to then stop abruptly, which leads to a catastrophic explosion occurring. The Fantastic Four spring into action to save the injured and eventually discover that Molecule Man was just an android, when they return to the office Carter reveals to that information on the tesseract’s and its whereabouts have been stolen.

After the discovery of the theft of the Tesseract's plans, the Fantastic Four use their quantum energy detection device to trace the energy source, leading them to a hidden base housing repurposed Hydra weapon, more prototype doombots and stolen vibranium. They discover a spacecraft departing from the base and quickly give chase, believing that they will find Owen Reece, the Molecule Man.

Upon boarding the spacecraft, they confront the pilot, and find Owen at the helm dead. With Victor standing over him, they confront Victor on the manner and tell him they must shut down the energy source, Von Doom with the opportunity to do so decides not to, and attempts to stop the four leading to a final confrontation between the five, as they seemingly defeat him after he tries to use some of the energy source to his advantage, they realize slowly make there way to wards him only to remove the mask realize, that it’s not Victor, but another Doombot. The realization of Victor's betrayal sinks in: he has been using them all along, manipulating them to further his ambitions.

As they grapple with this realization, the energy within the spacecraft begins to surge. As the body of the Doombot collides with the quantum energy source, causing it to go critical, turning the spacecraft into a potential nuclear bomb. The Fantastic Four, despite the shock and betrayal, quickly compose a plan to fly the spacecraft into outer space hoping to use the solar rays to stabilize the quantum energy source and slingshot there way back into the atmosphere soon after. However, the quantum energy source interacts in an unexpected way, creating a conduit propulsion that prompts the energy to collapse on itself. This results in a massive burst of energy that sends the spacecraft off course, veering it into a quantum time vortex.

The Fantastic Four are caught in the vortex, trapped in a journey through time and space. Reed develops his signature gray streaks at this moment, and the team falls into a comatose state due to the impact of the traversal on their bodies. Reed wakes up in a white room, with his team all sitting at his bedside. He asks where they are, and a door slides open to reveal a pair of boots walking towards his bed. The owner of the boots is implied to be Nick Fury, providing a connection to the wider MCU.

Three days later, the Fantastic Four find themselves in a newly rebuilt S.W.O.R.D base in the present day of the MCU timeline. They look out of a window into the vastness of space, surrounded by Skrulls, Asgardians, and humans alike, making it clear that they've jumped ahead in time and are now in the heart of the MCU's main timeline.

In the mid-credits scene, Von Doom having tricked the fantastic four and secured his victory, activates his advanced quantum energy device to create his own black hole time vortex, He disappears into the vortex, leaving his destination a mystery.

With Post Credit Scene taking a long look into the void of space we see a planet devoid of life and hear one line spoken from a disembodied voice saying “Master it is done” and another even larger deeper voice saying "find me another" then we see a streak of white light shooting across the frame.

But it's mostly the villain part I'm having trouble with how would you guys keep him a good guy till the very end given what you've read here?

In the video I'm working under the assumption that Kevin Feige says make sure these three things happen:

Bring the fantastic four in current timeline.

Place doom in a branched timeline by the end and set him up as the avengers level threat by the end.

Would love your help and thank you I'ma novice at comic books stuff I've only watched the movies but I'm trying to make von doom make sense in the situation I've been dealt in my scenario so I do realize I'd have to do a lot in one film to properly show off his prowess as best I can but my main point is I can't have him be the main villain or reveal himself to be one unless its revealed through context in the background like otto from the games and through that i want it to be more devastating so that when he does betray them there more heartbroken than angry. So what do you guys think the way I have it currently planned do you think it could work relatively well in the overall mcu? do you buy this iteration of Doctor Doom and the way he's used here and does his turn feel natural? if not how could I make it more natural and is there any better way I could use molecule man to make him a bit more dimensional ala martin li or is what I have enough? also do the fantastic four still look strong in their defeat or no? (I was kind of going for what I thought they would do with kang in ant-man by having the villain triumph and the heroes lose) also should I avoid making this an origin story or should I pull a captain marvel or godfather and tell one storyline in sequence 6 months after the incident then flashback to the past before it in the first act?

Thank you all so much for helping if you are able to help I'll make sure to credit you in the video and I really appreciate the help.

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