Which Infinity Stone would Ultron be most dangerous with? (Yes I saw the “What if” episode)

I had a random thought about Ultron and his potential he had in “Age of Ultron” had he not been utterly defeated by Vision and the others. Imagine Ultron escaped through one of his robot doubles, and somehow got himself an Infinity Stone to play around with. Which one would make him the biggest threat possible? For now, we’ll only assume he has access to one for balancing reasons, but nonetheless any one of the stones would make him devastatingly powerful.

Personally, I would think that if he was sent to space and ended up at Nowhere, and got his hands on the Reality stone, he would become the biggest threat with that one. The power to change and augment reality is a power that is underrepresented, I think. Although I could see an argument with the Time Stone and probably Power Stone as well. What do you guys think?

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