Why does She-Hulk look like a normal woman while Hulk looks like a giant beast?

Why does she look like a normal woman? While Hulk looks like a giant beast! Then why doesn't she Hulk look like a big beast like Hulk? There is an important reason behind this, gamma rays mutate people based on their physical emotions, for example Bruce's biggest fear was to become a monster and throughout his life he tried to control the anger and hate within him, but gamma turned Bruce into something he always tried to protect himself from and that was Hulk, while she Hulk, means for Jennifer her biggest fear was not her inner darkness, she was afraid that she would never be seen for all her accolades and achievements, where she always tries to look brave and confident in her life, and gamma helped Jennifer become what she dreamed of, means Banner became the person he stopped himself from becoming, and Jennifer became what people stopped her from becoming

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