Xavier Kills the X-Men in Deadpool & Wolverine

There's only a few years between the events in Deadpool & Wolverine and Logan.

We eventually hear what Xavier accidentally did to the rest of the X-Men, and Wolverine survives because of his healing factor.

Because the incident didn't take place on screen in Logan, we only heard about it. Then I assume the actual event will happen in Deadpool, to line up with Logan, timeline wise.

It could be one of the reasons for bringing back the old X-Men team. So we can watch them All Die, at the hands of Xavier. Almost like an Illuminati and Wanda type scenario.

Question is, when or where will it happen?

Will Xavier's attack cause a Fox Incursion? Especially if it's amplified by Cerebro.

Will it happen in the Void? Potentially taking out a lot of Villains too.

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