WandaVision BREAKDOWN: Episode 2: Don’t Touch That Dial

Wanda and Vision are practicing a magic show for a fundraising event. In their front yard, Wanda sees a red helicopter. Then Agnes comes to talk to Wanda about their meeting for the fundraiser. Agnes tells Wanda that Dottie, the leader of the committee, is very important.

At the meeting, Wanda and Geraldine become friends because they both feel uncomfortable with Dottie’s bossy behavior. Agnes just drinks.

Vision meets with the people who watch the neighborhood, and agrees to accept a piece of gum. He accidentally swallows it, and it blocks his gears. Wanda tries to make peace with Dottie, who speaks to Wanda as a message is broadcasted on the radio calling to her. The man’s voice asks “Who is doing this to you?” As the radio explodes, Dottie’s glass shatters and cuts her hand, showing that she has red blood. Dottie politely leaves as Wanda looks at the destroyed radio and broken glass with confusion.

An advertisement for Strucker watch is shown. Wanda and Geraldine are waiting for a drunk Vision to come on stage for their magic show. Despite being drunk, Vision is able to do the magic trick with Wanda’s help. After the show, Wanda removes the gum from Vision’s insides. As they are leaving, Dottie gives them an award for their performance and everyone in the town cheers.

It is revealed that Wanda is pregnant at home. Vision and Wanda go outside because they hear a noise and see a beekeeper coming out of a manhole. Wanda goes back to when they found out about the pregnancy and they kiss. When Wanda moves away, Vision’s face and everything around them becomes colored. The episode ends with a man’s voice asking “Who is doing this to you, Wanda?”

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