Now, in a house with a 70s-style color scheme, Wanda and Vision live next to Herb and Agnes, separated by a short brick wall. A doctor has come to their house for a visit. The doctor tells Wanda that she is pregnant, and both Wanda and Vision are surprised because of the unusual circumstances of the pregnancy. The doctor thinks that the fetus is about 4 months old, even though it is only half a day old. Vision is very nervous and unsure about the pregnancy, but the doctor reassures him that this is normal for fathers who are expecting a baby. As the doctor leaves the house, he tells Vision about his plans to go on vacation to Bermuda. Vision notices that Herb is cutting through the brick wall with a tool called a Bushwacker. Herb tries to act like nothing is happening.

Visions comes to see that Wanda is now ready to have the baby. While they talk about what to name the baby, Vision suggests Billy and Wanda suggests Tommy. Wanda shows a painting of a stork on the wall. Vision thinks the baby will be born in three days. Wanda starts having contractions. Suddenly, the house goes crazy and all the lights turn off, even in the neighbors’ houses all around the block. Wanda says how the people in the neighborhood are always close to finding out their secret. Vision looks into the strange things happening in the neighborhood, before going back to a different scene. Wanda’s water breaks as the sprinklers turn on.

An advertisement for Hyrda Soak bubble bath is shown on TV.

When Vision goes to get the doctor, Wanda hears a noise coming from the baby’s room. Geraldine rings the doorbell and comes in, asking to borrow a bucket because all her pipes burst. Wanda tries to hide her pregnancy. Geraldine starts to tell a story as Wanda sees the stork appear in reality. Wanda tries to make the stork disappear, but it doesn’t work. The stork runs back into the baby’s room as Geraldine finishes her story about getting a promotion at work and asks if she can borrow some office supplies. As Geraldine sees the crib next to the still real stork in front of the picture, Wanda goes into labor.

Just as the doctor and his wife are leaving, Vision arrives and takes the doctor back to the house. Wanda is having a baby, and Geraldine is helping her. Vision comes with the doctor and sees Wanda holding the baby. Geraldine asks the doctor to help her in the kitchen. When Wanda and Vision are alone, Vision shows his real face to the child. Wanda gives birth to a second child. They name the children Tommy and Billy. The doctor says that both babies are healthy. He thanks Geraldine and says that she might be good at being a nurse.

Vision asks the doctor about his journey, but the doctor looks at Vision and says he and his wife won’t go, and talks about how difficult it is to leave small towns. As the doctor leaves, Vision turns and sees Agnes speaking with Herb. Agnes asks if Geraldine is inside with Wanda. Vision says yes and asks why. Inside, Geraldine and Wanda are amazed by the twins, and Wanda tells her about Pietro. Geraldine starts to change her expression as Wanda sings a Sokovian song to the twins. Geraldine asks Wanda if Ultron killed Pietro in a rhetorical way.

Herb and Agnes tell Vision that Geraldine is new to the town, she doesn’t have any family here and she doesn’t have a place to live.

When Wanda asks Geraldine to repeat what she said, Geraldine tries to act like it doesn’t matter as the babies start crying. Wanda sees the symbol on Geraldine’s necklace and asks her more questions. Herb tries to explain to Vision why Geraldine came to WestView. He manages to say “We’re all…” before Agnes interrupts him and rides away on her bike. Herb goes back inside. When Vision returns, he finds Wanda alone with the children and Geraldine is gone. Wanda says that she left.

Geraldine is thrown out of the city of Westview and is surrounded by many special agents as the camera moves back. We can see more of the operation happening.

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