The story starts with a flashback of Monica Rambeaux coming back from the snap like everyone else. She is searching for a patient, but the nurse can’t help her. Monica talks to a doctor who tells her that her mother passed away from cancer three years ago and explains what happened to the people who disappeared.

At the headquarters of the Sentient Weapon Operation Response Division (S.W.O.R.D.), Monica meets with Tyler Hayward, the acting director. S.W.O.R.D.’s job is to watch for any possible threats, on Earth and beyond. Monica is the daughter of Maria Rambaux from Captain Marvel. Hayward tells Monica about the company’s direction since Thanos and talks about Maria’s role in creating S.W.O.R.D. He also tells Monica that she is only allowed to work on missions on Earth. Monica agrees to the task of finding a missing person in New Jersey and leaves for Westview.

Monica arrives and meets with FBI agent Jimmy Woo from Ant-Man and the Wasp. It turns out that the person who is missing is in the program that protects people who have witnessed a crime. Woo asks the sheriff to explain what happened. The sheriff from Eastview tells Monica that there is no city called Westview, even though there is a sign for it. Woo explains that the whole town is somehow missing and everyone he has talked to has forgotten some things. Woo also tells Monica that he can sense that the town does not want him to go inside.

Monica flies a drone that is red and yellow, and she asks Woo how they are able to feel the town. The drone goes into an energy field and Monica disappears when she investigates. Woo calls for her, but she cannot be found.

After 24 hours, a truck carrying Darcy Lewis and three other characters from the first two Thor movies is heading towards Westview. Darcy says that S.W.O.R.D. has no idea what they are facing. They reach the S.W.O.R.D. response base outside the energy field around Westview. Another drone is sent into the town, but it does not capture any video once it goes inside. Darcy starts examining the equipment and notices a high level of CMBR. She asks for a CRT TV to get a clearer understanding of what is happening. At the same time, an agent is sent underground to enter Westview through the sewer to rescue Monica. Woo expresses his lack of confidence in the mission, which Hayward ignores. They scan and are able to capture the dinner scene from episode 1.

Darcy says that Vision is dead. She mentions that the CMBR she read somehow sent out a frequency that is being broadcast during the show. Woo compliments her as she finishes writing her notes. These were Darcy’s hands at the end of episode 1.

As they plan to rescue Monica, Darcy starts to recognize the characters as people who have gone missing from the state of New Jersey. At one point, Darcy realizes that Monica is one of the characters, although Woo notices that her behavior is different. Woo and Darcy are unsure about what the show is about, but Darcy has an idea. Darcy points out that Wanda washes the dishes in each episode, and they can use her radio to communicate with her. Woo is shown a picture of the colorized drone on a black and white background, and they are told about the community meeting from the second episode.

Darcy tells Woo to call Wanda because she is near the radio. It was Woo’s voice in the second episode. When the scene continues, Darcy says the mission has failed and tells Woo to come back. Another agent goes through an energy field and turns into a beekeeper wearing a jump rope instead of a tow cable. The cable is disconnected and pulled back into reality, with a jump rope on the other end. The agent appears as the beekeeper at the end of the second episode. When Wanda looks and says “no”, we see Darcy and Woo chatting again at the base. They watch the babies being delivered and Geraldine talking about Ultron. The show jumps to the end, and Darcy is unable to capture Monica. Darcy says that someone is censoring the broadcast.

We return to the conversation in the living room where Wanda asks Geraldine how she knew about Ultron. Geraldine says she doesn’t remember. Wanda thinks Geraldine is an intruder and uses her powers to send Geraldine back to reality through the walls, fences, and energy field. After realizing what she has done, Wanda repairs everything before Vision arrives. Monica wakes up and is surrounded by several S.W.O.R.D. agents.

When Wanda looks at Vision, she sees his damaged head at first, but then changes to seeing his face that is alive. Vision says they can go wherever they want. Wanda tells Vision that she has everything handled. Outside, Monica says that Wanda is controlling everything. Vision sits with Wanda and the twins as they turn on the TV.

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