Now the story is set in the 1980s. Wanda is looking after one child and Vision is trying to make the other child sleep. Wanda tries to use her powers to make the babies sleep, but it doesn’t work. Even pacifiers don’t work. Agnes comes to help. Vision agrees to let her help, but he is not happy about it. Agnes asks Wanda if they should try again. Wanda tries to avoid taking a break, but Vision asks questions. The babies seem to have fallen asleep, so Vision stops questioning.

When Wanda and Vision look at the baby beds, they see that the babies have become two 5-year-old boys.

Hayward is asking Monica about what has happened to her since Westview. Monica says she hears Wanda’s voice in her mind and feels helpless and sad. Woo and Darcy come in and give Monica new clothes. Monica goes to change and then go to the briefing.

During the meeting, Woo and Hayward tell everyone about how Wanda got her powers in the MCU (through HYDRA experiments with the Mind Stone, which gave her telepathy and telekinesis). In the comics, she is called “Scarlet Witch,” but we don’t know what her alter ego is called in the MCU.

Monica disagrees with Hayward’s opinion about Wanda wanting power. Hayward shows a video of Wanda taking Vision’s body nine days before the events of the show. Hayward says that Wanda put Vision back together and brought him back to life, which goes against the Sokovia Accords and what Vision wanted in his living will (to not be used as a weapon). After the meeting ends, Woo asks how Wanda could bring back Vision without the Mind Stone (which was destroyed in Endgame). Darcy is concerned about what Vision will do when he finds out the truth.

In Westview, Billy and Tommy are scolded by their mother for hiding a dog in the kitchen sink. Wanda notices that the dog has no collar and the boys ask if they can keep him. Vision arrives and asks about the dog. Agnes brings a doghouse. Vision is obviously suspicious.

Wanda creates a collar from thin air while Agnes is there, but not watching. Vision talks to her quietly about the risks of showing their powers. Wanda tells Vision that they don’t need to worry because Agnes didn’t even notice the boys suddenly becoming 5 years old. Vision tries to continue the conversation, but they are interrupted by the boys. Wanda and Vision tell them they can’t have a pet until they are 10 years old. The boys laugh and become 5 years older, much to their parents’ annoyance.

Woo comes to a meeting where Monica and Darcy are talking about building a vehicle to enter Westview safely. Monica says she might know an aerospace engineer who could help. Darcy tells them she is calling the captured town “the Hex” because of its hexagonal shapes. Woo and Darcy discuss how Wanda has a lot of power to make the show props real. Woo and Darcy also mention that Captain Marvel has powers from an Infinity Stone, but Monica acts like she doesn’t know.

Monica goes to the lab to check her clothes from the Hex. After checking the materials, Monica shoots the clothes but the bullets don’t go through. The clothes had come back to life from what Monica was wearing when she went in, including a bulletproof vest. Monica realizes that Wanda is changing reality. If Wanda changes things as they enter the Hex, what happens if they go in with something that doesn’t need to be changed?

At his job, Vision follows Wanda’s suggestion and uses his powers to connect the computers to the internet by touching them. All the people in the office quickly receive an email from Darcy warning about high levels of CMBR. Everyone reads it out loud and starts laughing. Vision touches Norm’s temples to clear his mind.

Right away, the actor starts to panic and runs from the office. He tells Vision how painful it is to be controlled by Wanda. Vision puts him back in a trance and continues with his day. At home, Billy plays with the dog in front of Wanda and Tommy. The boys ask why Vision had to go to work on Saturday. Wanda tries to explain it in a way that shows her as a good parent. Tommy asks if Wanda has a brother and she tells him that he is very far away and it makes her sad. The dog barks because it hears a drone approaching. Monica calls Wanda and wants to talk. Wanda’s eyes turn red as Hayward orders to “take the shot.” Monica is confused because the drone was not armed. A shot is heard and the visual cuts off.

The group gathers outside the Hex. Wanda comes out and throws a missile at Hayward’s feet. She tells them to stay away from her home. Hayward tells her that she has taken control of the town. Monica tries to talk to Wanda and tells her that she wants to help because she can read her thoughts. Wanda goes back inside the Hex as it turns red.

Wanda and the boys are searching for the dog. The mailman says that their mother won’t allow the dog to go far. Agnes comes to them with the dog wrapped in a sheet. The dog died from eating poisonous leaves in her bushes. The boys tell Wanda that she can fix anything, including death. Wanda tells them that she cannot bring the dog back to life. The boys beg her as Vision arrives.

After returning home, Vision talks about how they got the dog and buried it on the same day. He also tells Wanda that he spoke to Norm outside of her mind control and how he knows.

Vision asks about the “Maximoff anomaly.” Wanda tries to change the subject by ending the show, but Vision becomes angry and confronts her in the living room. He tells her that there are no other children in Westview and that he cannot remember his life before Westview. Wanda tries to calm him down by reminding him that he has a wife and children and asks if that isn’t enough. She sits on the couch and says she doesn’t know how any of this began. Vision tells her again that she is hurting people by doing this. The doorbell rings and Wanda says she didn’t ring it. She finally answers the door and it’s Pietro, but played by a different actor, Evan Peters from the Fox movies.

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