WANDAVISION BREAKDOWN: EPISODE 6: All-New Halloween Spooktacular

WANDAVISION BREAKDOWN EPISODE 6 All-New Halloween Spooktacular

The scene starts with the boys in a supernatural style opening like the TV show “Malcolm in the Middle,” which was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Billy and Tommy tell the story as they get ready for Halloween and wake up their uncle Pietro. Pietro wakes up and plays tricks on them using his super-fast powers. Wanda comes down the stairs dressed as the Scarlet Witch from Marvel Comics, followed by Vision in his yellow and green costume but with a red face. Although Pietro is childish, he is great with their children. Vision goes out to watch the neighborhood, but Wanda scolds him for missing the boys’ first Halloween. Pietro interrupts and offers to take Vision’s place. Pietro takes Tommy out for a few seconds to get matching Quicksilver costumes.

Outside the Hex, the S.W.O.R.D. team is looking into the strange occurrence. The team talks about Hayward’s actions, but he still wants to “eliminate Maximoff.” Monica suggests that Wanda is the solution to the problem peacefully. Hayward mentions her relationship with Captain Marvel and tells Monica that she doesn’t have the strength to do this job because of her mother. Monica, Woo, and Darcy are escorted out, but they overpower their guards and put on S.W.O.R.D. uniforms to get their things.

In Westview, the boys are going house to house asking for candy on Halloween with Wanda and Pietro. Wanda asks Pietro about something that happened in the past. Pietro tries to act like it’s no big deal and talks about how he looks different now. Wanda agrees and asks about that too. Then, the boys come back and Pietro offers to go to more houses with them.

Wanda sees Herb getting a message while Pietro plays tricks. She asks about Vision, but Herb tells her that he wasn’t on duty today. Meanwhile, Vision is walking around and sees two people living next door doing the same actions repeatedly. One of them has a tear in their eye.

A TV advertisement for Yo-Magic yogurt snacks is shown.

Wanda and Pietro are walking past a theater that is showing The Parent Trap and The Incredibles. While they are talking, Pietro tells Wanda that he came to town to cause trouble and that this would make Wanda sad because that is what she wanted. Wanda doesn’t really understand how Pietro came to be. Pietro says he remembers being shot and then hearing Wanda calling him. Tommy interrupts them and says he also has super speed. Wanda tells him to take his brother but warns them not to go past Ellis Ave.

Monica sees Pietro on the computer screen in their old base. Darcy breaks into the base to get information from Hayward. Hayward has found out how to locate Vision. Woo also notices that the people near the edge of Westview are barely moving and asks if they are even alive. Vision goes to an area where more residents are frozen. He tries to talk to them but gets no answers. Vision goes back to his real form and flies up to listen to the town. He goes towards a vehicle at the edge of the town.

Agnes is there. Vision asks her where she is going. Agnes, in a state of confusion, says she got lost on her way to the town square. Vision does not believe her and wakes her up. She recognizes him and asks if he has come to help them. Agnes asks if she is dead because Vision is. This is the first time he has heard that. Agnes starts laughing maniacally and says that Wanda won’t let them leave the town. Vision puts her back in a trance and promises to fix the situation. Agnes, in her usual casual way, agrees and turns around. Vision then continues past Ellis Ave.

Monica’s friend will arrive outside in one hour, but Darcy advises her not to go back in because the Hex has changed her cells both times she has entered and left. Monica decides to go anyway and Woo agrees to help her. Darcy wants to stay behind to get more information and Monica agrees, telling Darcy to meet them outside when she is done.

In Westview, Wanda and Pietro are at a Halloween party in the town center. Pietro asks Wanda where she has been keeping the kids. He accuses her of using her powers to control the whole town, but he also compliments her on how much better she is now at using her powers than she was when she was a child. He tells her she can trust him. Wanda says she doesn’t remember how she did it, only that she felt very alone. Suddenly, Wanda sees Pietro covered in bullets, but then it goes back to normal.

Darcy learns about more of Hayward’s plan when Vision arrives at the Hex. He tries to leave, but the Hex breaks him apart. Darcy begs the S.W.O.R.D. personnel to help him, but they don’t. Billy hears Vision’s cries for help and tells Wanda and the boys. Outside, Darcy is arrested by Hayward while Vision’s body keeps getting weaker. Wanda stops time in Westview and sends out a lot of energy, making the Hex bigger. Hayward ties Darcy to a Jeep as a joke (something that happened in the Thor movies). The Hex covers Darcy, Vision, and all S.W.O.R.D. agents, vehicles, and stations, turning them into clowns. The Hex grows and consumes more of the area. Only two cars escape it – one with Monica and Woo and one with Hayward and three S.W.O.R.D. associates. Inside, everyone starts moving again as Wanda opens her eyes and the episode ends.

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