Now, the story is being told in a mockumentary style like Modern Family. Wanda tells us about waking up the morning after Halloween and finding that Vision is not in bed with her. She remembers using her powers to expand the Hex the previous night. Billy and Tommy come in to wake her up, and Billy complains about having headaches from hearing other people’s thoughts. Wanda tries to go back to sleep, but the boys leave to go to the living room. Wanda decides to spend the day on a “quarantine-style staycation” by herself. She goes downstairs and gets some almond milk and Sugar Snaps cereal, but the milk suddenly changes to whole cow’s milk with a missing person’s picture on it. The cereal and other objects in the kitchen also change to older versions of themselves. Wanda is suspicious and takes a bite of the cereal before carrying it back to the living room and saying that she doesn’t know what’s happening.

S.W.O.R.D. has a temporary base eight miles away from Westview. Hayward talks to an associate and finds out that Wanda has stopped the broadcast from Westview. He tells the associate to be ready to attack them with all their strength. The associate agrees.

Vision wakes up outside the circus where he is asked by a former S.W.O.R.D. agent (now a strong man in the circus) to be a clown in the escape act. Darcy is still acting like herself, but she has been brainwashed by the show. Vision talks to Darcy, but she does not remember him. The boys ask why their uncle Pietro said that Vision was dead. Wanda explains to them that he is not their uncle and when they ask who he is, she avoids answering them. Wanda says she is starting to feel like everything is meaningless. Agnes comes to visit and offers to take the boys off Wanda’s hands. Wanda turns on the TV and sits with her cereal as objects in the house change between time periods. The stork from episode 3 also appears. Wanda says she is fine, even though strange things are happening.

Monica and Woo are reading Darcy’s findings from Hayward’s computer hack outside. Woo finds a project called “Cataract,” which was Hayward’s plan to reactivate Vision before Wanda stole his body. Hayward was only interested in Vision, not Wanda. Monica meets Major Goodner, a friend of her mother’s, who shows her a six-wheeled space rover with a sealed cockpit and suit to breach the Hex. Monica is surprised.

In the circus, Vision wakes up Darcy, and Darcy convinces him to steal a truck and go back to their house. When they return home, Wanda is surprised to see that her surroundings keep changing randomly. The interviewer asks Wanda if she thinks she deserves this. Wanda is confused and tells the interviewer that he is not allowed to speak.

An advertisement for Nexus, a prescription medicine for depression, called Nexulpromicide.

At Agnes’ house, Billy says that Agnes is very calm. When Tommy asks how their mom is, Agnes says she will be okay before saying in the interview that Wanda is acting very strange.

Monica is outside in a special space rover that she is driving towards the Hex. Woo and Goodner are watching her. She finds it difficult to get through the Hex. Woo and Goodner tell her to get out of the rover, which she does just in time. The Hex turns the rover into a pickup truck. Monica decides to run through the Hex and succeeds. As she walks through the Hex, she hears several voices including those of her mother, Carol Danvers, and Nick Fury. Monica enters Westview with a blue light in her eyes and is able to see the real Westview, not the one controlled by Wanda’s powers. She closes her eyes to the blue light and walks towards Wanda’s Westview.

On the way to their house, Darcy tells Vision how Wanda had to see Vision die twice. Vision says that the many problems they faced on the way home must have been Wanda’s plan. While they talk about the strange things happening in Westview, Darcy tells Vision that she saw the show and even though the town is not real, their love is. Monica goes to Wanda’s house and walks in. Wanda uses her powers to send Monica away, but Monica is able to fight back. Monica teases Wanda in front of the neighbors and tells her about Hayward’s plan to destroy the town. Monica tells Wanda about how she lost her mother during the blip, but as she talks about living with this truth, Agnes interrupts and tells Monica to leave. Before walking away with Agnes, Wanda tells Monica, “Don’t make me hurt you.”

Darcy and Vision are still late. Vision realizes he can fly home. Wanda is at Agnes’ house and sees a cicada on the curtain. She asks Agnes where the twins are and Agnes says they are probably playing in the basement. Wanda goes downstairs to check on them and finds a secret passageway to an underground lair. Agnes, who has powers, takes control of Wanda’s mind while a song with the lyrics “It’s been Agatha all along” plays. In a scene during the credits, Monice finds the entrance to Agatha’s lair and Pietro arrives.

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