The Marvel Studios logo turns purple as we go back in time to 1693 Salem, Massachusetts, where Agatha is being punished by being tied to a stake. She is held with magical power and confesses to being a witch. She is accused by the leader of the coven, her mother, of using powers she was told not to use, including dark magic. Agatha admits to using the dark powers and knows she cannot control them. As she begs her mother to teach her how to control her powers, she is attacked by the coven while her mother says a magic spell. Agatha uses the dark magic to take the power and life from the witches at the trial. As the other witches fall to the ground dead, Agatha’s mother attacks her and is also drained of her power. Agatha gets down from the stake and looks at the dead coven around her. She takes the necklace from her mother’s neck as we go back to the present.

In Agatha’s basement, the witch continues to talk to Wanda as Wanda tries to read her thoughts. Agatha laughs and tells her not to try it. Wanda asks where her children are. Agatha teases her as Wanda tries to attack, but she is no match for the witch. Agatha says that Wanda is in a space with runes, where only the witch who made the runes can use magic. Agatha tells Wanda about how she made Pietro, using a projection of herself. Because she couldn’t use Pietro’s real body, she used the face of Evan Peters for the Halloween episode, while Agnes waited in her car for Vision to come. Agatha says magic is a scientific idea and that Wanda’s power is so strong that she can cast many spells easily, describing each spell in detail.

Agatha tells Wanda about how she used her powers to control a cicada and turn it into a bird. Agatha is amazed by how strong Wanda’s magic is and feeds the bird to her rabbit. Agatha asks Wanda how she was able to do it, but Wanda says she doesn’t know. Agatha doesn’t believe her and says that Wanda was feeling lonely and empty when Pietro came back. Agatha takes a hair from Wanda’s head and uses it to open a door to the past. In the past, Wanda’s mother Irina and father Oleg are watching TV shows from the 50s to the 00s. Pietro, who is a child in the memory, speaks English and calls for Wanda. Agatha forces the real Wanda to go into the memory and she becomes a little girl again. They decide which TV show to watch. Irina looks outside and sees the explosion that kills her and Oleg.

Wanda is watching a show on TV when the music becomes very intense. Suddenly, an explosion happens and Wanda’s parents die. A machine from Wanda’s memories appears and flashes a red light. Wanda tells her brother Pietro that it was all just a bad dream. She later talks to Agatha and says that the explosion, or “bomb,” never went off and was broken. Wanda and Pietro were trapped for two days. Agatha is surprised because they seem safe. Agatha asks Wanda where she got her powers. Wanda takes Agatha to a memory of when she first got her powers. Wanda is asked to touch a staff with a gem on it. The gem glows brightly and gives Wanda her powers. Wanda falls to the ground and the people who did the experiment realize that she is still alive.

While Wanda is watching TV in her cell, the people who are doing experiments on her are looking at a video of her on a screen. The video shows Wanda walking into the cell and then lying on the ground, but it does not show the gem or the special stone that gave her powers. Agatha talks about how the Infinity Stone gave Wanda her powers, but she needs to know more about how Wanda took control of Westview. The next room has a video of Wanda living in the Avengers’ home for the first time with Vision.

Agatha tells Wanda that her parents, Pietro, and Vision have all passed away. Agatha asks Wanda how she managed to get Vision back. The next flashback shows Wanda at S.W.O.R.D. headquarters, begging a guard to allow her to have Vision’s body back so that he can at least have a proper funeral. The guard receives a phone call and then tells Wanda where to go. Wanda then walks determinedly into the facility and goes to Hayward’s office.

Hayward tells Wanda that he knows she has come to get Vision’s body. Wanda says that Vision should be buried and that she has the right to his body because she is his closest relative. Hayward takes Wanda to where they are breaking down Vision’s body. He tells her that Vision is the most powerful weapon ever made and that he is worth around $3 billion because he is made of vibranium. He also says that Vision belongs to S.W.O.R.D. Hayward tells Wanda that she will not be allowed to have his body. Wanda breaks the window and goes down to the body. Hayward tells the guards to let her see it for herself. Wanda goes to Vision’s head and tries to feel him, but she can’t. Then she walks away and goes to her car in the parking lot. Wanda did not steal Vision’s body like Hayward said in episode 4. When Wanda gets into her scarlet 2021 Buick Verano, she sees an envelope on the passenger seat and drives to Westview.

Wanda goes to an empty land in the town where she and Vision have a property deed. She is very sad because Vision is not with her. But her sadness gives her a lot of power and she uses it to build a house and change the whole town into a 1950s neighborhood. She also brings Vision back to life using her love for him. Wanda wears her costume from episode 1 and kisses Vision when she sees him. The present Wanda sees the studio and Agatha clapping in the audience.

Wanda hears the boys calling for her and runs out to the street in the daytime. She sees Agatha holding them in magic ropes. Agatha, in her real form, scolds Wanda that she has a lot of power and used it to create the TV world. Agatha calls her power chaos magic, which makes her the Scarlet Witch.

In the middle of the credits, we see Hayward using Wanda’s power from the missile she threw in episode 5 to bring The Vision back to life in a shiny silver outfit.

It is not yet known if the boys were created by Wanda like Vision or if they are also illusions made by Agatha.

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