Starting where we stopped, Wanda uses her powers with Agatha’s encouragement to free the boys. Agatha uses her dark magic to absorb Wanda’s power, saying it “takes power from those who don’t deserve it.” Wanda lifts her car and hits Agatha with it, causing Agatha’s boots to appear under the car like in the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” The silver Vision arrives and Wanda tries to see if he recognizes her, but he starts trying to kill her. Wanda’s Vision arrives and Agatha reveals that she survived.

Monica is in Pietro’s room, where she is being held captive. The Visions are fighting in the sky, and Hayward is watching from SWORD. Woo is brought in, and Hayward tells him his plan to use the extraction to show that his Vision is the real hero. Woo tells him that his friends at Quantico will arrive soon. Woo is then knocked to the haystack, where he is able to break his handcuffs and call for help.

Wanda walks in Westview as Agatha wakes up all the people she had brainwashed. They all come towards her. In Pietro’s room, it is found out that Pietro’s real name is Ralph Bohner. Monica sees this and takes off a purple necklace that Agatha was using to control Ralph. In the town square, the boys go to help Wanda. Wanda explains her actions as the people tell her that they feel her pain and see her nightmares when they sleep. Agatha starts to kill them, but Wanda stops them from dying and promises to let them go. Wanda uses her power to open the Hex enough for the townspeople to leave Westview. At the same time, Hayward wants to use this chance to enter. Agatha laughs as the Visions continue to fight. Wanda’s Vision starts to get worse as the Hex disappears. Wanda sees this as the boys come, also getting worse. Agatha says that if Wanda destroys Westview, she will be destroying her family. So Wanda stops to be with her family.

Agatha forces Wanda to fight so she can take her magic. S.W.O.R.D. Vision watches as S.W.O.R.D. comes and points their guns at the Maximoffs. The Visions continue to fight and end up in the library, where SVision says he has to destroy Wanda Maximoff and the Vision. WVision says that since he is not the real Vision, SVision’s directive to “destroy Vision” cannot be done. Outside, Wanda flies into the air while Tommy and Billy take care of S.W.O.R.D. Monica comes and Hayward shoots at the boys. Monica stands in front, but the bullets go through her. Luckily, Billy makes a forcefield to protect them. Hayward tries to run away, but Darcy hits his van.

While talking about SVision’s existence, WVision contacts his alternate self and the robot helps him remember who he is. Now with brown eyes, Vision accepts that he is WVision and goes to take care of his family. Agatha is watching from a rooftop and is not paying attention, so Wanda takes control of her mind.

Wanda says to Agatha that the difference between them is that Agatha does bad things on purpose. Agatha uses magic to turn things against Wanda. Agatha says that Wanda’s strength is not her power, but her knowledge. The Scarlet Witch crown appears on Wanda’s head as she brings Agatha back to Westview and attacks her. Wanda says that Agatha can have her power because she doesn’t want it. Wanda tries to hit Agatha in the air, sometimes missing and hitting the Hex.

Agatha pushes Wanda to fight more. Wanda continues to attack her, but misses and hits the Hex. Wanda uses a lot of power, which Agatha absorbs completely. Agatha tells Wanda that she will end her pain and that her world will always be broken, and then tries to cast a final spell.

Agatha has lost all her magic. Each time she misses, Wanda casts runes within the Hex on all sides, so that only she can use magic. Wanda thanks Agatha for the lesson and reforms her scarlet crown. Wanda absorbs all of Agatha’s magic and becomes the fully realized Scarlet Witch. She returns Agatha to the ground, alive but without any magic. Instead of turning Agatha over to S.W.O.R.D., Wanda tells Agatha that Westview will be her prison, where she will be mind-washed to be the “nosy neighbor” forever. Agatha warns Wanda that she will need her guidance to use her power. Wanda tells Agatha that she knows where to find her and returns Agatha to the Agnes form. Wanda tells Agnes that she will live in Westview alone and that no one will ever bother her. Agnes happily agrees.

The Hex starts to get smaller as the Maximoffs come back home. Wanda and her Vision put the boys to bed. Wanda sees the Hex closing. In the living room, she switches off the light to say goodbye to Vision. He leaves one lamp on. Vision asks Wanda what he is. She tells him that he is a part of the Mind Stone that lives inside her. He is her sadness and her hope, but mostly he is her love. They kiss and a tear falls from Vision’s eye. The Hex surrounds the couple as Wanda’s Vision and the rest of Westview vanish.

Wanda goes back to the empty land where her red Buick Verano was fixed after the battle. She walks through the town and sees the people there staring at her. She meets Monica and they talk openly. Wanda agrees to learn how to use her powers as the police come. Wanda flies away from Westview.

During a scene in the middle of the credits, Woo and Monica meet while Hayward is being arrested. Monica is called into a theater and is told by a Skrull that their leader wants to meet her on a space station. In a scene after the credits, we see Wanda sitting quietly in a mountain cabin taking care of a whistling teapot. In another room, The Scarlet Witch is reading the Darkholde and hears her children’s voices calling for help.

Elizabeth Olsen will play a role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and it is not known if Kathryn Hahn will appear as Agatha Harkness in a small role. Monica will be featured in Captain Marvel 2, which stars Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel will also be shown after that.

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