WHAT IF…? Breakdown: EPISODE 2: What if T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?

WHAT IF… Breakdown EPISODE 2 What if T’Challa Became a Star-Lord

Star-Lord, who is also known as T’Challa, enters a room with the Power Stone. Korath, who is working for Ronan, tries to stop him from taking it. Even though Korath is a fan of Star-Lord, he still fights him. Star-Lord defeats Korath but still decides to bring him along. Yondu comes to help Star-Lord and the new recruit, Korath. They all leave the planet with The Watcher narrating the story.

In 1988, a child named T’Challa complains to his father, King T’Chaka, about the isolation of Wakanda. Though he understands T’Challa’s desire to travel, T’Chaka advises him to stay in Wakanda where he will be safe. As T’Challa wanders outside the protective wall, he is taken by the Ravagers, who are on their final mission to find the offspring of Ego.

Yondu scolds them for taking the wrong person but is surprised by T’Challa’s desire for adventure. He gladly joins the group and they continue their adventures for the next 20 years. In a bar, the Ravagers share a drink and discuss T’Challa’s best jobs. At one point, Thanos appears and tells T’Challa that he only needed to speak with him to end the Infinity Quest before it even started.

T’Challa meets a man called Drax, who is a bartender, and he thanks T’Challa for stopping Ronan and the Kree army from attacking and hurting his family. T’Challa also sees a woman called Nebula, who has blonde hair that is shoulder-length. Nebula talks to T’Challa about the Power Stone and asks if her father, Thanos, knows he has it. She also comments on his necklace.

T’Challa tells her about how Yondu tried to bring him back to Wakanda, but he discovered that it had been damaged in another war. Nebula tells T’Challa about a job to get the Embers of Genesis, which can change a planet’s environment very quickly. T’Challa sees this as a good opportunity. The Collector is the target, but in this universe, he is much stronger because Thanos is not trying to take over. Yondu does not like the job, but T’Challa is able to persuade him to do it.

The Ravagers plan to pretend to be sellers on Knowhere to distract the Black Order and get past them. Nebula and Yondu meet the Collector while T’Challa searches for the Embers. T’Challa sees several prisoners, including Cosmo the Space Dog, and frees Howard the Duck to try and find the Embers.

Proxima Midnight goes outside and sees that the Ravagers are just pretending to attack. She warns everyone when Howard is having a drink at the bar. T’challa runs to a room with a Wakandan spaceship and sees a video of his father asking him to come back. Before he can react, Nebula captures him and puts him in prison with Yondu and others. T’challa argues with Yondu about lying about Wakanda being destroyed. Yondu says the Ravagers are his family, but T’challa disagrees. Corvus Glaive then comes to take T’challa to The Collector.

In a glass room, Tivan and T’Challa talk before Tivan tells Ebony Maw to cut T’Challa open. Nebula shoots Corvus, which shows that their plan to distract worked, and she got the Embers. T’Challa escapes from the cage and is saved by Tivan’s servant before Ebony Maw can kill him. T’Challa and Tivan fight, but T’Challa cannot win because Tivan has a Dark matter knife and Hela’s crown, which are too powerful for him.

The Ravagers run away from the Black Order because Thanos wants to fight them. He fights with Cull Obsidian, but Proxima helps Cull. Yondu comes to help T’Challa fight Tivan, but Tivan breaks Yondu’s arrow. Cull and Proxima beat Thanos, but Nebula saves them by throwing Ember seeds into Cull’s mouth, which starts the terraforming of Knowhere. She brings Thanos onto the Ravager ship and tells them to take off. Inside the ship, Yondu and T’Challa are able to defeat Tivan by knocking him into his own cell. They give control to Carina, who frees all of the prisoners and opens Tivan’s cell.

T’Challa and Yondu, along with Cosmo the Space Dog, leave on a Wakandan spaceship. They have a conversation about T’Challa’s desire to explore and T’Challa ultimately decides to bring them back to Wakanda. There, he reunites with his parents and introduces the Ravagers as his family made along the journey. Meanwhile, Ego meets Peter Quill on Earth, which the Watcher warns could lead to the end of the world. However, that is a different story.

This episode is about Chadwick Boseman, who is the voice actor for T’Challa in this role.

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