WHAT IF…? Breakdown: EPISODE 4: What If Instead of losing his hands, Doctor Strange lost his heart?

The Watcher tells a story about Stephen Strange and his girlfriend, Dr. Christine Palmer. They are driving in a car together when they have an accident on the freeway. Stephen’s hands are broken, but Christine is killed. This makes Strange want to learn about magic. After he fights Dormammu in the first movie, Strange thinks about using the Time Stone to go back to the day when Christine died and try to save her.

Even though Strange goes back in time many times, he is not able to save Christine from dying. This makes him lose his mind. He uses the Time Stone to go to the old library of Cagliostro, where he meets O’Bengh, the librarian. Strange studies the dark magic for a long time, and eventually, O’Bengh dies, even though Strange asks him to use the Time Stone to stop his ageing. Strange becomes very interested in dark magic and is eventually confronted by The Ancient One. She tells him that she used her powers to divide the timeline so that Strange could see the mistake he made.

Despite her warning, the bad Strange goes after himself in the timeline where Strange did not use the Time Stone to save Christine. After a fight, the bad Strange consumes the good Strange and goes back to finally save Christine.

Even though he saved her from dying in the timeline, his action caused the collapse of reality. Christine becomes weaker as Strange talks to The Watcher, asking why he didn’t tell him. The Watcher says that it is not his job to interfere and also asks if Strange would have listened even if he had warned him.

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