WHAT IF…? Breakdown: EPISODE ONE: What If… Captain Carter was the first Avenger?

The Watcher is the host of our animated intro and he’s introducing us to all sorts of cool characters from different worlds and realities! Get ready for a wild ride!

In 1943, Red Skull was the leader of Hydra’s forces in Europe for the Nazi regime. In Brooklyn, Steve Rogers became Captain America during the events of The First Avenger.

But in another world, Peggy Carter chooses to stay in the lab rather than watch from the room as Steve gets the serum. Because of this, she is present during the attempted infiltration and the Hydra agent operates differently with more people in the lab. During the attack, Rogers gets shot and Howard Stark orders someone to go in the module or the project will be lost. Carter volunteers for the serum and goes in. With General Flynn’s orders, Stark gives Carter the serum while Rogers watches. Carter comes out of the capsule much taller and stronger.

Stark thinks the experiment was very successful, but Flynn thinks it was a total failure because only one person was changed and they weren’t in the military. Carter tells Flynn they have a super soldier, but Flynn says women aren’t allowed to fight in the military. Carter is upset because she wants to fight, but Rogers tells her she might have to do performances for the military instead. They talk about dancing before the scene ends.

Some soldiers march in front of a building in Norway. Steve tells Carter about Bucky. Peggy apologizes for replacing Steve, but he says she can end the war now. In a town in Europe, some HYDRA soldiers visit a man who doesn’t want them there. Stark, Flynn, and Carter are there too and they are thinking about what is happening. They want to get the tesseract. The leader of the HYDRA soldiers takes the tesseract and his army kills the man. Stark and Carter offer to help. Flynn doesn’t think it’s a good idea because the war will be over before HYDRA knows how to use the tesseract.

Afterward, in a bar, Stark and Carter talk about what happened. Stark gives her a costume and a shield.

The woman, Captain Carter, stops HYDRA. She easily defeats them and is surprised by her own abilities. Carter gets the tesseract and gives it to Flynn. Stark gets the tesseract and uses it to make a weapon for Rogers.

Carter goes to prison to rescue Bucky Barnes. Rogers helps her and comes in a prototype Iron suit powered by the Tesseract.

After the mission is successful, Captain Carter and Rogers work together as alternate Captain and Hydra Stomper to end the war. When Red Skull meets with a general from the Third Reich, he kills him to make HYDRA more powerful.

Carter and Rogers have a meal together and talk about how being a hero affects their reputation. Stark interrupts them and tells them about their next mission.

Carter makes a plan with Bucky and a group of soldiers to infiltrate a train. Rogers arrives in hydra stomper and the team follows him. Bucky almost falls, but Carter grabs his left arm. Rogers looks at the front of the train, but it explodes because it has dynamite on it. Steve falls into a hole with the train. Flynn is worried about losing the Iron suit, but Carter goes to talk to a doctor to get information. She learns Red Skull’s plans and helps Flynn attack them back.

Carter, Bucky, Stark and a team of fighters attack HYDRA castle. Inside, Red Skull uses the tesseract to open a portal to another place. They find Rogers locked in a HYDRA machine called the Iron suit, which does not have the tesseract. Red Skull is killed by the monster.

Bucky helps Rogers get back into the Iron suit and powers it up using a generator. Rogers gets into the suit and goes to help Peggy. Stark is able to reset the portal, which sends the monster back to its own world. Peggy and Rogers try to push the monster back through the portal. Peggy has to go with it to close the portal. The portal closes and Rogers is left with the tesseract. Later, in the future, Nick Fury and Clint Barton open the portal and bring Carter back.

The Watcher ends by telling the story of how Carter’s decision to remain in the room helped the universe, but his role requires him to not interfere.

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